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No, I'm not leaving The Screen Savers. However, I've decided my other calling in life is to be a movie critic. Why? Because I love film, and I'm very critical. It's really very simple. But seriously, I'll soon be adding...

Jan 8, 2004: Hyperventilation.
I'm co-hosting "The Screen Savers" tomorrow for the first time, and I'm really nervous. I know you'd think after almost a year of being on-air, I'd be over the jitters and butterflies and all that nonsense, right? Nope. I'm constantly...

Jan 4, 2004: 2004
I wonder when we'll start saying "twenty-oh-four" and so on. Think about the nineteen hundreds. So much easier. My guess is we'll be referring to it as "two thousand blah blah" for another 6 years, then things will change in...

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