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Thursday, January 08, 2004


I'm co-hosting "The Screen Savers" tomorrow for the first time, and I'm really nervous. I know you'd think after almost a year of being on-air, I'd be over the jitters and butterflies and all that nonsense, right? Nope. I'm constantly amazed at how good the human body is at mimicking an apprehensive mind. Stupid body.

Anyway, wish me luck and I hope you all can tune in tomorrow and cheer on the Dynamic Duo! Now you'll have to excuse me, for there's a cocktail calling my name. If I can't control my body, I can kill the source.

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Good luck Sarah, you'll do fine.
Now if you excuse me also but there's a cocktail with my name on it as well.
I really hate drinking alone (makes me feel like an alcoholic or something...haha, but I really need one tonight)


I am so excited for you! You really are excellent on the show and having the opportunity to expand your roll on TSS from time to time is great. You'll be great! You always seem to remain cool under pressure and I'm sure that will kick in tomorrow. The mind is much more powerful than the body and you can use that strength to your advantage. Chill out tonight with your cocktail and wake up refreshed and energized! Yoga breathing is the best to help you calm and focus...


Sarah, you'll be great, don't sweat it. In my experience, the anxiety is all anticipatory--once you're rolling you'll be calm, and you'll find that you're having a blast!

Enjoyed tonight's show--the bored to sleep bits were great!

Have fun tomorrow


Go girl, You're much better that Pat's granddaughter.


I'll be definitely taking screen captures of your debut and displaying on my blog (http://www.highwayman.org/blog) -- of course it would only be the most tasteful of shots -- congrats and I'm sure you'll do fine.


You will do fine. Just imagine yourself naked.

Oh wait. . .

Good luck!


You were gr8 on the Holiday special and that was kinda like hosting TSS! :) I know, it's hard, but you're awesome on the show and will do a fantastic job! We'll all be cheering you on, and I'm sure the D-tip will be there with the love! :) Break a leg!

Steve 'O'

Relax honey, you're a natural anchor-type and are very telegenic. An hour or so before the show starts, isolate yourself from everyone and for a few minutes do some slow, deep breathing with your eyes closed to center yourself... think about a favorite place. Try it, you won't regret it.

p.s. Good comeback on the snooze thing on today's show, they deserved it.


Good Luck Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Sarah, congrats on the co-hosting opportunity. I hope you do fabulous!


Clark Cook

You'll be just fine, Sarah! Enjoy!


actually its all in controlling your mind.
if you doubt for a second- fear will grow out of hesitation.and uh.. CONGRATS~~!!


You will do a great job. Just have fun!


You'll do great!

Bunny Emerald

You'll do great. Just be yourself and have fun. xoxox


Sarah - you'll be great. Yesterday, you rocked. The registry presentation was as good as you can get with the time you were given. I used to give a one-day course on the registry, and wasn't able to do it justice.

Funny how the PhotoShop presentation was praised, but they played as though your's was boring. I thought the PS presetation was confusing and irrelevant to most viewers. While your registry presentation was of high importance to anyone who professes technical knowledge of Windows.

So today, just relax and enjoy. You and Kevin did a great job on the Free-and-Cheap show. Very professional. I really look forward to seeing you both today.


Eh, whats the worst that can happen - someone might make a comment about Kevin sniffing your packets? Good luck!


don't get freaked sarah if you get nervous just think of the audience naked you know thats what we'll be doing with you

Morte Lavie

Sarah, I would be more worried if you were not nervous. Nerves make the performance good. Your nervous energy will translate to a good time for the audience. Go get 'em!

Hyper Smiley

Plenty of excellent suggestions. Don't worry about it, and go with the flow. Stay alert and treat it like any public socialization. Well, looks like another bottle of Nyquil while I update my resume. >: p Oh yeah! Highwayman, you keep an excellent web presense. Keep up the great work!

Best wishes :)


Hey, don't sweat it Sarah, you always come across very confident on camera. You'll do just fine.


Who are those Leo and Patrick guys?
You and Kevin anctually worked perfect on the show
When you going to get merried?

You did a great job! Refreshing change!


Watching it now, you are doing great!! A real pro.


Nice work MS.Lane.
A really good show.


Hyper Smiley

I knew she would do fine. It's nice to know there are so many supportive people out there. Stay cool and have a nice weekend everybody!

Richard K.

Wonderful wonderful job on TSS tonight. You didn't seem nervous at all with minimal "awkward silences". Keep up the good work. :)


Sarah, you did a FANTASTIC job! It probably was a lot easier having your "friend" co-host with you?

Kevin M

Great job tonight Sarah! You and Kevin kept me in stitches during the first segment! Hope you get more chances to co-host in the future. Keep up the good work.


Great job tonight! Really enjoyed the show & you didn't sem nervous at all. How many cocktails did it take??? Just kidding... you were outstanding.

Clark Cook

Fire Leo and Patrick! You did great, but I'd think twice about you fixing my computer with that hammer. Kind of reminds me of when I taught my first class with the airlines.........and I taught computers!


I Think there needs to be an Emmy for "Best short, high-heeled person pwning a PC and building a tractor" Sarah would have my vote!


The show was GREAT girl! You had nothing to be nervoud about, you were great!

You need to do it more often! :-) Send Leo away more often. ;-) When do we get the all girl hosting episode?


You did great. You didn't seem nervous at all to me. Tell Patrick and Leo to stay where they are, you got The Screen Savers under control.


Great show!

You particular approach to hosting blends well. I mean, you are a techie through and through.


Great Job!! You guys were fabulous! Such a refreshing change. Great show. Excellent technical know-how, great humor, very entertaining.

You two deserve a show of your own. You guys are the smarter tech-version of Regis and Kelly. The reparte' really made the show.


Sarah, you will do just fine.
It will be great to see you in the role you belong in. Lets just hope this becomes a full time thingy someday.

justin nguyen

you'll do alright. Don't worry about a thing. Look at all the people who is supporting you. Look at all these comments. Even if you do bad, people will still support you. So no pressure.

Good luck and have fun, that is what the show is all about right? Having fun and talk techie ;)


You did great! I'd love to see you get your own show. Did Jessica ever explain what a "whirley" was?


Hey Sarah! Great job on The Screen Savers! You are totally awesome. You should take hosting duties more often! *smiles* I got your blog linked on mine!!


Great Job.....caught the show.....Leo left it to the kids to run.
You did a great job.....raelity TV....you guys are the only real thing on the tube.......can you possibly be having that musch fun (I'm jealous).

me of me inc.

off topic but i have to mention something,

last night i dreamt miss (or mrs?) lane was helping me put up invader zim wall paper,.(but it was pink??)

cutting it out and glueing it to my computer monitor,.... so it would match my keyboard?

right,......seeing as ussally i have the epic sort of dreams (war/apocalypse/being one of the four horsemen but forgeting my saddle at home) i thought it odd,......but it must mean your doing a good enough job if your seeping in to my subliminal thinking,...

Roberto J. Dohnert

You were good, I was rooting for you bella. Co-hosting a show like that is like killing someone, the first time is hard and you are really nervous but after that its much easier, hehehe. J/K. Im not telling anyone to go out there and commit homicide.

Hyper Smiley

I agree Paul. They keep it real. That's why I keep them so close to my heart. Okay, those are some weird comments. :) I've been having the same problem "me of me inc.". I thought I was going crazy. I'm on the opposite side of the coin. My dreams are me as Ori'el female incarnate lookin like a mix of Victoria Adams/Beckham and Paine from Final Fantasy X2. With "twin" auri el's in hand one obtained from my "twin brother". I destroy the demons corrupting humankind as a transcended Abdal with my angelic brethren. I workout every morning with Jessica Corbin in a gym with lots of glass and lexan. She unknowingly helps me see the true beauty of humankind. I no longer regret my transcendance and all the events that have caused me so much pain. Including the rape and destruction of my second physical form and near death of my spirit from a physical demon that was created from a completely corrupted man before the conception of time. Weird huh? http://www.sarahsarchangels.com/

redboy *

i'm watchin' right now and you're doing a great job :)

w00t! congrats :)

Brandon Fuller

Nice sledgehammer.


Hey Sarah,
You did great, I watched you and you were absolutley radiant and very aweing. Your spectacular smile and energetic approach made you come off as an awesome fill in for leo and pat. Anyways, that night actually, I got the call that I am going to Iraq with in the next month, so I felt compelled to come here and let you know you made my night a little better. Thanks- you kick ass.



Sorry that this isnt really a comment for this thread but I am watching TSS as we speak and Leo thanked the folks from Howard Community College in Columbia, MD for T-Shirts and my Jaw dropped cause the college is right accross from my house. Sorry, just thought it was cool... cooler than going to iraq ;o). haha Auf Wiedersehen, koenigin.


so what exactly IS a whirlie?

Hyper Smiley

Hey Joe! Don't worry about going to Iraq. We put the unity in United States and there will always be someone willing to help bring you back safe. Just keep thinking you're a survivor. :) But if you don't make it back. Can I have your beemer? Just kidding. ;) You'll be back before you know it worshiping Sarah "the queen" Lane. Take care man!


I'm a senior just getting into computing and I enjoyed you and Kevin very much. I wouldn't encourge the drinking just a short prayer and keep up the good work.

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