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Sunday, January 04, 2004


I wonder when we'll start saying "twenty-oh-four" and so on. Think about the nineteen hundreds. So much easier. My guess is we'll be referring to it as "two thousand blah blah" for another 6 years, then things will change in 2010.

The other night I went to see "American Splendor." It was interesting and somewhat endearing, though I'd say the majority of moviegoers would find it slow. There's this little movie house down the street from me called The Red Vic, which runs some of the smallest and most obscure indie films around. It's one of the very best things on Haight Street. I love a small, intimate show once in a while.

During the previews before the movie, I got a chance to see what Macaulay Culkin's up to these days. Watch the trailer, and then let's all agree we're not, er, home alone anymore. Yuk, yuk.

I have to go back to work tomorrow after a glorious break from reality. Time to get outside and enjoy my last day of freedom!

PS- Ikea is evil.

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Indie flicks are GREAT when you're in the right frame of mind. Not quite sure if this qualifies, but the latest 'Project Greenlight' winner - "The Battle of Shaker Heights" - was a pretty good little movie... especially if you followed the show on HBO. (Despite the fact that my screenplay lost, I still enjoyed it.) Check it out... it's on DVD.
- m

P.S. - Welcome back from vacation.


I hooked up my third hard drive and installed microsoft’s wireless keyboard. It rocks! You guys should review it. Whatever happened to plug and play? I’ve been doing this forever and either Microsoft hides the stuff somewhere new or there just plain isn’t any documentation. You and kevin did well on the helpathon. I enjoyed what I watched. I just didn’t pay that much attention to stuff I thought I already knew.
No CES for this kid. I have the time off too. Just too expensive and closer to egypt than the strip at the last minute. Past time for a vacation. You guys on the other hand had better get back to work!


Ooh, I miss the local indie theaters. When I was in DC, my friends and I would love to check out the not-so-popular place.

Ikea is evil? They have so much cool stuff there though...how can they be evil? :-)


Hey I missed the end of the help-a-thon but a friend told me of a great shot of the three of you in a charlie's angel pose. Got a pic to put up on your site?


yea well its about damn time!! :oP

I mean, at school I don't get tech t.v. but at home I do. So... I came home for the holiday, nustled in with my favorite t.v. station and a nice cup of hot chocolate. All was good at first. New programming, best gifts, so on. Then, about a week before christmas and the last two or three weeks... NOTHIING BUT RERUNS!! Ah, if I see yoshi's mod madness one more time I'm gonna go crazy. Not to mention X-play, which seems to average about 3 new episodes a month.

Well anyway, I still enjoyed the reruns for a little while but I swear ya'll have to lose ratings showing the same episodes over and over as much as twice in a day.

Point was, holiday over, get back to work!! we need new screen savers, to hell with your freedom!! *joking* but alas it still sucks cause I head back to school tommorow so at most I get to watch tonights show, if I'm here.


Happy New Year Sarah!!!

Enjoy the last of the vacation... going back to work really bites!



referring to the years is a pain right now. It's easy to say the 80's, 90's but the zeros? I dunno.


WElcome back Sarah. Time to head back to the office and put on the show for the rest of us average joes.

PS. IKEA is not evil! I love IKEA!


From what I've heard, some people are trying to bring back the 'ot' phrase for year numbers that was used back in the early 1900's (1905, for example, was 'ot-five').

I personally hope people stick with 'two-thousand-blah' as long as possible. Yeah, it's hard to say and all, but after growing up w/ 'two-thousand' standing for all things futuristic, my inner child can't help but think, "that's so frickin' COOL!" every time someone says it. :)


I just finished the trailer for Party Monster... and I think it's quite interesting, in a sort of voyeur, insane, neurotic and even sensual way. Besides, I respect Seth Green and will go see it just because he's in it.

As for Ikea being affiliated with Satan... well, Futurama said it best: *swedish accent* "Here's your over-priced, swedish crap!!"


I agree with you Sarah, I'm pretty sure when it's 2010 people will drop the two thousand thing...and the even more annoying 2-K-whatever. Have fun back at work. :)

Tim L

hhheeeyyy ikea ROCKS which one do you go to? i go to the one in emmeryville near B&N. the only funky thing about that place is that the floor shakes.


great content, keep up the good work


Jesus christ. I just found my way into sarah's pic blog and noticed all the "trolls". My god, what a sad buncha deprived little dip-sheets.

I can't believe the stupidity of some people.

BTW, since I don't have a text america loggin, kick ass picture of sarah in the rear view mirror with the other cars in front. I thought the thumbnail was a collage or something photoshopped untill I saw the pic. awesome. So what does it take to get a text america account anyway, anyone?


LOVED "American Splendor".
Heard "Party Monster" was interesting. have no desire to see it though. *shrug*

Ikea does indeed have an evil way of making one consume. Swedish bastards.


Ikea evil? I don't think so. Although most of everything it sells now is made in China. When I held a part-time job at the store's Philadelphia location in the late 80's while a student in art school, most of what Ikea sold was made in Sweden and other European countries. The quality of product was fairly good then but the stuff made today is pretty cheesy. Cool store nonetheless.


I know what you mean about Ikea. I recently took my girlfriend to Ikea for the first time after Xmas and have created a monster. Since then I have had the pleasure of assembling three drawer sets and one closet wardrobe for her bedroom (not to mention rearranging her room around). "You've never been to Ikea?"...me and my big mouth.
Yes Sarah, Ikea is evil.


AMEN -- More folks should support independent films. Check out the Station Agent if you have time - one of the best films I've seen!

PS - I love IKEA :)


Sarah, your reviews of moveable type have always tempted me to move my blog to this software. Now after months of indecision, I've finally chucked blogger and I have started my own movable type blog. I want to say thank you!

It would be a great honor to me if you were to visit and leave me a comment at http://blog.ravenscraft.org

Have an awesome Day!


I support the "aught-number" construction. I always refer to "aught three" instead of "two thousand three".

I'm also enjoying using a single digit for the year on checks these days. 1/8/4, etc.


"ot" is spelled, and pronounced, "aught".


I was sick throughout my holiday break (got the damn flu), but you and Kevin sure entertained me in The Screen Savers. Thanks for giving me a little sunshine, when I could barely get out of bed...

Clark Cook

Ikea is evil............Antiques rock!


I remember pep rallies in high school we were shouting "NINE-TY-FIVE, NINE-TY-FIVE, and others were shouting "NINE-TY-SIX, NINE-TY-SIX"...then we'd wind up bum-rushing the juniors off the stands in the basketball court...now what do they shout "FIVE, OH-FIVE, OH-OH-FIVE?" someone answer this for me?


i doubt u will be alive in 2010...


We like having you on the show Sarah. So far you have had quality input and it looks like you're the only one with guts enough to keep Leo in line!

No matter how difficult this pc/mac or windows stuff seems to get remember, if it wasn't for ya'll we'd still be asking questions about some ol Vic 20, Commodore 64 or TI 99-4A. Even the most basic topics will always be relevant because there are so many people just starting with a brand new system.

Keep a healthy smile and a hearty laugh and we'll all continue to support you and the TTV Staff.

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Macaulay Culkin is also in the Indie file Saved! which Ebert gives 3 1/2 stars. It looks like a great movie with a great young cast (Mandie Moore and Jena Malone).


Charles Osgood always says twenty-O-Four on his radio and tv programs, and that alone is enough reason to boycott it. Also, after every tv show he says "SEE you on the radio" Uh... See you on the RADIO!!!! AHH!, SHUTUP, I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Also I couldn't end my comments without saying "Macaulay Culkin sucks!"
(forgive me if the spelling is wrong I copy pasted it from above, I don't know ho to spell his friggin' name)


what do you mean by saying "ikea is evil"?


Cool website, love the tweaks. Just letting you know that the link to 16.psppalette in the change windows splash screen tweak is dead (bummer). You mention that you like dark comedies, maybe you should check out a film called Chopper, although it's not a comedy it has a lot of dark humour and gives you a glimpse of Eric Bana’s early work. Too bad about the spammers hitting your site.

Horrendo Revolver

faze 9

hey sara what happen to "the screensavers". ??????????
i must have missed that ep. now that G4 has taken over tectv , tectv sucks..... i miss u guys..and your trips and hacks. but i found the archive in the screensavers.com of some of your older videos... what happen.....?????????????????/////

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