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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

TSS. Live.

So as I mentioned during the top of TSS today, I'm blogging about everything going on behind the scenes on le Screen Savers, live, bit by bit.

A block:
Foo Foo has eaten all of my cookies. Justin's our first caller, but he's SOL since he had his TV turned up (we asked you not to do that, Justin!) and the audio delay confused him and we had to hang up.

B block:
My buddy Adrian Lamo is a little nervous about all the people in the audience, but I tell him to just look at Leo and don't be nervous! He's doing great. Very smart guy. Very interesting green eyes. Before the show he showed off for me and pulled up almost every address I've lived at within the last 10 years. And that's a lot.

C block: Kevin and Leo are Dark Tipping. Ah, those crazy boys and their soldering! (Before the show, I was drumming on the table at the lab and Yoshi yelled at me for interrupting his solder sesh.) Meanwhile, Pat's sitting at homebase surfing desertrides.com. He thinks nobody's paying attention. Hmmm.... Jessica's reading the chat room posts and giggling at something somebody wrote (I saw my name! I saw my name!!), and Dan's taking calls for later on in the show. Commerical break between C and D blocks: Paul comes over to the nook to tickle me. I HATE being tickled!!! But I laugh anyway because that's what happens when you get tickled and so the joke continues. Grrrrr. Kevin comes over to ask how his segment was and I say it was very good, dear, and give him a cookie.

D block:
Tivo Hacks! We're having a little Tivo hiccup in our segment. Nothing's happening on screen. Ick ick. Leo and Pat are doing their best to improvise, but it always really sucks when stuff like this happens live. The show must go on, and so it does. Thank god I work with my boys- they're total pros! Commercial between D and E: Paul tries to tickle me again. I kick him. He runs. Kevin's back but the cookies are gone. He sulks. Yoshi's chatting on AIM with someone whose handle I don't recognize.

E block: An incredible explanation of the making of the skeletons in "Pirates of the Caribbean" is happening at the bench. I'm not listening because I'm thinking of Johnny Depp. He was on Inside the Actor's Studio the other night, and I was riveted!! Ok, back to the show.. Commercial between E and F: Jessica puts Paul in a headlock for tickling me a third time. Meanwhile, Yoshi's trying to figure out why Brad Pitt is my favorite actor (yes, he beats Johnny and George Clooney). I tell him Brad's a god, but he's not satisfied with my answer. Jessica says hers is Matthew McConaughey and I jeer at her.

F block:
Something happens.

G block:
For some reason Jessica decides to give me a piggyback. Damn, the girl is strong. Seriously!! We hijack Pat and Leo's final emails and fade to black.

That was my Tss. Live. blog. I hope you liked it.

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Coool, thanks for the look behind the scenes Sarah. By the way,were the cookies homemade or store bought?


Poor Sarah... No cookies for you... :(


C is for cookie and that's good enough for me, C is for cookie and that's good enough for me!

I loved the Cookie Monster. He liked cookies, and he was blue. What can you ask for that's better?

The best hiccups of TV were when the teleprompter failed on Jan. 2nd for Martin, and one time with the local news, the news guy came on, just looking at the camera, not saying anything, then you hear a voice say "We got nothing" and it fades out. Great stuff.

Blog on!


Sarah, can you do this everyday. It's cool.


Sarah, can you do this everyday. It's cool.


What I learned from this episodic entry ...

1) "interesting green eyes" = Watch her Kevin ..
2) "Thinking about johnny depp, back to the show " = Watch her Kevin ..
3) Paul constantly flirting with her = Watch him and her kevin ;)
4) Jessica giving her a piggy back ride and sarah being impressed by her strength? = If you get the chance WATCH THEM kevin .. you lucky bastard
5) "Brad Pitt is a god." = A little shallow since he's the generic god for all girls. Looking a little deeper for 'lesser knows' would be more attractive. But still .. watch her Kevin dude

6) (last episode) You say my name funny with that funny SF accent ;)

7) (Not from this entry but a previous one) "The money shot comment" = I -knew- she was my kinda girl!! ;)~

To sum it up ... Keep sending in those free truckloads of treats guys, her eye's are still moving back n forth like a Silon Raider. You still have a chance. =)

WATCH HER KEVIN - Or I'm snaggin' her *evil grin*


Oops .. I forgot to add ...

He can pull up your addresses from the last ten years? Lightweight .. =)


Shoot, priests have been pulling up dresses for at least ten years, probably much more...Oh...wait a tick... =0P


I'm with Jessica on this one, Sarah. Matthew McConaughey...hmmmmmmmm....


Cool thread Sarah...
Nice change of pace.

I dont agree with doing this often though... I kinda like hearing from the Sarah outside of TSS.




Definately entertaining...but i'm sure she has better things to do than blog everyday during TSS. It can be a treat when she does do it. :-)


i liked this every once in a while as something different would be cool.
and if u could please let us know what the comercial once from ur last post it still bothers me. do they even still show that comercial any more?


Great Job Sarah!! I hope you will do this for every show.



You're a GEM!


Your just a cleaver girl. I love that you do new and different things like this. And the only reason you think Brad is a god is cause you never met me!


So, Sarah, didja know that Brad recently threw his hat in the ring to play Captain America?


re: Johnny Depp - get a *somewhat* abbreviated look at him 'in real life' in the new documentary "Lost in La Mancha" about Terry Gilliam's failed attempt at adapting Don Quixote, which starred JD. It's a GREAT movie too. And btw, thanks Sarah for inspiring my halloween costume this year: HST himself. ;)

My favorite TSS slipup: Leo referring to the lead character of LOTR as 'Dildo' on air. Classic.


This entry rocked! It sounds like it is a lot of fun to be on the set of TSS. Your thoughts/comments are a riot.

Thank you for sharing.


Yeah, Dildo Baggins was a great slip up, but so was Kevin with the "Jizz Wiz" Dick DeBartolo.


This totally rocked, it's awesome to be able to live ever so much more vicariously through you guys' television shenanigans (is that really a word?). It rocked even more because so much stuff went wrong and our closet saracastic here had the last laugh.

Rock on!


i was watching the screen savers on t.v. this morning and i heard u talking about wanting to chat about wuts going on in peoples pants..... Guess wut is going on in my pants?


Sarah im not trying to be rude but i think your !@#$!@ hot! :)


u should say something on the t.v. sarah about my comment......


Greg = That's sick. I'm not sure if she really cared to hear that.

Chris Inman

Green eye's huh? Sounds like a cool guy. I wish I was that good at investigating. I learned a little investigating skills back when I had to research a bad eBay seller alias CNX Corporation, Maxcenter, currently xgrandpc. Everyone, watch out for them. They are the worst. Woooo pull ova. A big soldering session. Call me in on the next one. I got the tools and the skills to pay the bills. Damn, I'm such a nerd. I liked when Johnny Depp talked about laying a guy out with a rock. He's so cool, he's almost lethargic. Wow ladies giving kicks, headlocks, and piggyback rides. Thats right show em who's boss. But, treat us guys well when we're good. A peanut butter cookie or any treat will keep me loyal. Kick us, beat us, rub our noses in spit and we'll still keep coming back for a treat and a little love.

Till next break,
Le Hyper Smiley :)


I don't know if I can handle you doing blogs of the show everyday. I already feel like I'm doing the Time Warp whenever I watch the re-aired daytime episodes. I just read today's blog and it's already out of sync with TSS, which I am watching right now. Hmm, that's a lot of TSS to consume at once :)


When you run out of cookies, go for cookie dough ice cream....goooooood times. And uh...kick and beat us Chris? Dude....I hope your girlfriend isn't like that....Piggybacks and headlocks are nothing, I'd bench press you , woo! If someone ever jumps onto your back and tries choking you, just backup into a wall, really hard, it works wonders ;)

Sarah, about the tickle thing, is it tickle with a tickle-ish object, or is it the all time best method of tickling, going for the ribs/sides of stomach....

Tickle Me Sarah, that would be a #1 product on ThinkGeek....



You need to do the show in your KISS makeup!


I like this live blog, should have this posted all the time

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