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Friday, July 11, 2003

Tales from the Cam Vault

Sarah was looking at a Playboy till Megan reminded her the cam was on:


Sarah's first copy of Twin Peaks on DVD (sans pilot, *sniff*)


Little Sarah liked the bottle. Big Sarah does too.


Tonight we're raging at Pow! here in SF. It's my buddy Jack's new CD release party.... good times! Wanna feel his groove? Come on by if you're in the hood.

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Please notice: "...looking at Playboy..."
Just proves my theory. No one actually READS that magazine. Not even the girls.

Stephen DesRoches

not just a mans magazine after all.


Ah, yes...but every other image from the SarahCam is of her biting her fingernails. :)


Sarah looking at Playboy...???

I do not belive it, but sounds interesting... :-)

Will P

You go Sarah. There's nothing wrong with looking at Playboy.


Who's the guy behind the Twin Peaks DVD?


Looks kinda like lil sarah has a farmer tan. ANd lookit' those chubby little wheels! =)


Psssst... Someone tell kevin those handsign's are so 1990's ago.. Besides, it's getting hard to tell what color he is.


Megan? I thought she wasn't coming back until the 31st?


Megan? I thought she wasn't coming back until the 31st?

Chris Inman

8-o Ooooooo, I haven't looked at a Playboy in ages. You're definitely Playboy material Sarah ;) Don't let those bastards at Hustler get a hold of you. And if you ever meet Mr. Heffner. Tell him I'd like to work for him :) Looks like Disney's snagged all of us. I'm wondering if you still have those Mouseketeer ears. They're still stylin' and profilin'. You could make anything look good. I'm definitely checking out the music. It's completely new to me. You never cease to amaze me.

The highly over caffeinated,
Hyper Smiley

Chris Inman

I checked out the bfamilyrecords website. And checked a lot on P2P. Sorry I won't be buying any of the CD's. I'm sure I could like it in the right atmosphere. So they should keep doin' what they're doin'. The world needs more artists to motivate us. I didn't even care much for the Acid Wash track. Maybe that's my problem. I've been clean close to three years. I doubt it though. I got rid of the System of the Down Steal This Album CD because I only liked the Inner Vision track after listening to the CD numerous times. Linkin' Park still rules. And I will probably make Stereomudd my next purchase. That's one thing I can say about Kentucky. A lot of great things come out of it. Georgia, Indiana, and Kentucky will always have a place in my heart. But I crave the big city life that you can only get in NY & CA.

The one and only original possesed by the spirit of...
Hyper Smiley


POW! is a pretty cool little spot in S.F. I had a couple of drinks there when I went to TSS show in Feb. & March. They should have an Xbox to go along w/the PS2s they have there. Wish there was a bar like that here in L.A.


Sarah bits her nails?


I notice that the typeface for the blog body has changed. I've been having the same issue with my blog that I noticed happening with yours, and several people commented about. Namely, when you start scrolling down, some of the text disappears and you have to refresh the screen to get all the text to appear properly. Now that you've made some change to your Cascading Style Sheet, it seems you've fixed your problem.

What change did you make?

My blog is at http://vitamea.hedlit.com/ and I used a style sheet from "blogstyles" just like you did, only I picked the "orange" 3-column style. I've made some modifications to it, but I haven't fixed the problem you seem to have solved.


LOL playboy

Chris Inman

No way, snocked! Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I like all kinds of music from classical to metal and everything in between. Lately, I only buy CD's that can stand the test of time. I mostly listen to any high energy music to keep me motivated when exercising, practicing martial arts, playing hacky sack, etc. Literally I'm a survivalist not a killer but you may call me Mr. Hyper Smiley ;) The only meat I consume comes from seafood. And I mediate conficts and protect the people. Yeah, I'm a regular super hero :D btw I like the website. Sorry, I got a problem with authority and people telling me what to do and I'm very stubborn. Opinion noted ;)

Chris Inman

Oh, I noticed Sarah bites her nails a lot too. It's okay Sarah I do it too out of habit. "the sun is warm the grass is green" ;) Don't let $h!t bother you and vent your frustrations often, take breaks, and socialize. Is the stress really a problem? If so, have a friend help out. I know you'll be fine. You're intelligent, talented, and have a lot of good friends.

"We've learned to fly the skies like birds, we've learned to swim the sea's like fish, yet we still haven't learned to walk the earth as brothers and sisters." - Martin Luther King


That CD cover is disturbing.


You can get the Pilot as an import from Amazon:



Mmmm... Playboy.......

Sorry... I don't know where that came from. Silly me.


Was that Playboy adressed to Kevin?


Playboy, great magazine.
So Sarah, when will YOU be in playboy? You are so hot.


Sarah, you can be in my playboy mag anytime :)

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