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Sunday, July 06, 2003

More Blog Options.

I really love you guys. Why? Because you send me neat ideas all day long.

My favorite over this nice long weekend came from Phillip, who tipped me off to Zempt, yet another alternative way to update your MT blog without actually logging into your MT Main Menu.  Why Zempt?  Well, for starters I'm adding this entry without being connected to the Internet and having to log in.  And I have a Spell Checker, along with other Word-like features (see my screen capture for a better idea) And I can preview my post just by tabbing over. Fun!

But it's not perfect for a few reasons... I cannot seem to find a way to upload a file (image or otherwise) the way I can inside MT. How annoying! Will someone please let me know if I'm overlooking an incredibly obvious solution? Because if you're a frequent pic poster as I am, this lack of feature is a HUGE drawback!

I'm also having a problem getting my line breaks recognized. For example, I'm adding BR tags between paragraphs to avoid posting a huge block of text that runs together. Lame.

Update: checking out Mike's suggestion- w.bloggar- now.

Update #2: OMG! w.bloggar is the shiiiat! Zempt can't currently compete. I guess I jumped the gun yet again in my quest for a perfect blog experience. It's all a big experiment, kids! And you know what? I enjoy testing out similar software, finding flaws, and making software choices based on my findings. Maybe I'm a scientist after all.

I'm wishing I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I want the weekend to last, and last, and last....(name that commercial)

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That saying sounds familiar... a hint perhaps?


Hey, just wanted to let you know you should try wbloggar (www.wbloggar.com) its awesome lets you post to multiple blogs, upload images, has a spell checker, post preview. It even starts new paragraphs just by pressing spacing it on the screen no HTML needed. There is an available plug-in for wmp9 to post what song you are currently listening to. By far the best I've used to date.


Most of my MT (and Blogger) entries were made using w.bloggar. It seemed so easy to use and easily allows you to make a link or insert an image without learning the image tags or the a tags. If you want, Sarah, try to use Azure (http://www.vee.net/projects/azure/) for updating the blog from your J2me (Java 2) phone. I've been trying to make a ring about that to any TSS member since I found it myself. I haven't used it fully because it's still buggy. But at least, it is open source!


Ladies and gentlemen please go visit my blog......................www.mville.blogspot.com


The wretched King Minos has decided your fate. His tale wraps around his body 5 times.
The sweet light no longer strikes against your eyes. Your shade has been banished to... the Fifth Level of Hell!

I live in the river Styx .. for I am heretic =D


Jeff Elwell

"I want the weekend to last, and last, and last....(name that commercial)"

Certs? Something about breath fresheners...
Glad you had a good weekend, but we must all go to work... :) Take care,

steven christopher

Energizer. It lasts, and lasts, and lasts...


Ross Wirth

Uh, no Steven, Energizer keeps going... and going... and going....

Right now I'm at a loss for what lasts and lasts... I can hear the voice-over in my head, but can't come up with it, and I don't think it's Certs, I wanna say Extra, but I don't think that's it either...

Dang it Sarah, that's gonna bug me all day!!!


I think it is Extra. "The flavor that lasts and lasts and lasts."

steven christopher

haha..i dunno what i was thinkin' (damn mondays.) Extra does sound better =)

Adam Kalsey

"I cannot seem to find a way to upload a file (image or otherwise) the way I can inside MT. How annoying!"

That will be in the next release. Not only will you be able to upload a photo, but you can also create a thumbnail from within Zempt. And it doesn't matter if the pic is on your computer or on the Web. You can copy to your site and create thumbnails either way.

"I'm also having a problem getting my line breaks recognized."

It sounds like you have your text filters set to "none." Go into your preferences and change the text filters of your blog to "Convert Line Breaks."

"OMG! w.bloggar is the shiiiat! Zempt can't currently compete."

Why? I'd love it if you'd explain why you find w.Bloggar better than Zempt. Whatever it is, we'll try and fix it.

One huge advantage that Zempt has is that w.bloggar doesn't allow you to do anything except post a title, single category, and entry text. If you use extended entries, excerpts, and keywords, you're out of luck.

Zempt also lets you send trackback pings, close comments, set text filters, and change the date and time of your entries.


Hey Adam!
I was wondering how long before you read this post. :) I indeed have my filters set to "convert line breaks." In fact, I noticed on your message boards that someone else had that problem, so I double-checked, but no luck. Had to manually add BRs.
Thanks for pointing out some of Zempt's features that w.bloggar doesn't.. it's helpful to compare!


NASCAR. It lasts and lasts and lasts...


OK lol this is a redom comment not to wat you posted. But i clicked on ur webcam and i notice you look like the girl off the Gilmore Girls, the smart one named Paris lol i dunno why but you look like a older version of her =P~

Adam Kalsey

There's two places that you might need to set the Convert Line Breaks. One is in the Zempt Preferences screen. The other is in the Post Options screen.

If you published a post with the text filter set to None, then changing the default prefrences won't change that individual post. You'll need to edit the post and change the filter there.

If that post does have the correct text filter set, then there's something wrong with MT. Once we set the filter, we rely on MT to convert the line breaks for us.


Hey Sarah. You might want to let your loyal followers know about www.DonutHeadz.com . It's a terrific blog-app for beginners who may not be comfortable with the Moveable Types and Greymatters out there. Very easy to use!

Richie Rich

Why do I feel compelled to write a blog website for my own blog?

My first blog will be a blog on "Why do people love blogs?"

`,:o) My why do I feel compelled to read this blog still?

Sarah, so what about your hand in marriage?



I love w.blogger! That's how i've been updating my blog for about a month now! It's awesome!

"I want the weekend to last, and last, and last....(name that commercial)"...wasn't it Big Red gum??

Matt C

I used w.bloggar on my old Blogger blog (I emailed you about it awhile back, S), but got a little frustrated when Blogger would tinker with their system and it would take a few days to filter back to the 3rd party apps. I may give it another whirl now that I'm on MT. I've been trying to use MozBlog (since I can't seem to uninstall it) but I can never get the configuration done right. I will give Zempt a look-see right now since I can't get Star Wars: Galaxies running on my sad little system :(


is the comercial juicy fruit?


Wow! Thanks for putting that w.bloggar info up, Sarah! Very cool tool!

See ya!

Chris Inman

This has nothing to do with blogs, but is an extremely useful highly configurable keystroker called RemoteKeys. Take the time to learn it and it will save you a lot of time. You can even have it auto hide. Everyone check it out and download it at the following site:
Then start strokin' at high speeds ;-)

Hyper Smiley


Yeah, i think it is juicy fruit.


ok lol this has nothing to do with what you just posted but omg do u ever look that the girl for Gilmore Girls "Paris" lol an older version of her like grown up.. lol sorry i had to say that =)


its the Big red commercial


Yeah... I have a blog. It's pretty sad and pathetic... I use GM. Does anyone know if there is a customizable way you can put GM shortcut onto your Google bar? My blog is: cgi.blizzara.net/blog


Heyo, just wanted to announce my blog, click my name to go to the main site and click on the blog link. You should notice right away that it's powered by TypePad, I am a beta tester. I can't say much, but I would appreciate hearing/reading what you have to say about my blog. Love the blog Sarah, rock on!


great dotd on tss today sarah, cool program
hmm hi everyone, what you all doin


I'm guessing Wrigley's Extra Gum (regarding the commercial). BTW, great job on the show today, Sarah.

Matt C

I'm gonna go out on a limb and pick a non-gum, and say Country Tyme Lemonade...


Does w.bloggar allows u to update offline just like zempt?


Matt H

Breath fresheners? Chewing gum? No, my friends, it's reason #5 why you should own your very own... Vita-Mix Super 5000!!!



Ross Wirth

Sarah, What's the commercial?!? I'm dieing here, I've been checking for days for the answer....


Heyyy. Don't dis blogs. They're better then keeping diaries! xP

capt browneye

Have to love those SF accents ... "Skawtty" dogs ;)



Marcelo Cabral

Hi Sara.
Thank's for the link here and for mention w.bloggar at "Sarah's Blog Report" on The Screen Savers site. Great!
I have to say that what Adam said about w.bloggar is not fully correct, w.bloggar does allow the users to post to both "Entry" and "Extended Entry" fields. To post to the "Extended" just add the desired text between the special tags: more_text/more_text
best regards from Brazil,
Marcelo Cabral

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