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Thursday, July 03, 2003

I Love My New MT Icon!!

I feel smart. I wanted a button just like the new Blogger button on Google Toolbar 2.0, so I made one! Whee!

I explain how to do it in this week's Blog Report. Give it a read, and then get busy making one of your own! I'm curious to see how much better yours looks than mine.

Yesterday was Sumi's goodbye party at a little bar called the Monkey Club. Good times were had by all, and some blasts from the past of TechTV showed up too! Bye Sumi. I'll miss your incredible professionalism, intelligence, and wit!

Somewhere in the middle of goodbyes I invented a new drink called Stoli Vanilla and seltzer. Actually, I'm sure it's been done before, but I'll take credit anyway. I've decided tonic is horrible and shouldn't be consumed (have you ever tried straight tonic water? It's revolting), so I gave seltzer a go. Soooo much better. Aces!

And....drum roll please.... the winner of my blogger.com test page challenge from my last entry is:

MATT C!!!!!!! Matt, you've just received my first annual Lifetime Achievement Award! (The theater swells with uplifting music)

Toodles for now, my scarlet begonias.

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It looks cool. Can't wait for the segment. I need to find where and how much Blogs are.... Anyone know if there are diff Blog companies?? I'm bad I have not watched ScreenSavers that much. But if it is on the archives, let me kow. K?

Sarah, cool Blog!! :)


My grandfather used to drink tonic water straight...it was SO nasty! I'll have to give that concoction a try.

Jeff, there are several blog options - blogger.com, moveabletype.com are the two i've used. Blogger is good to start out with. Both are free to use and they have their own benefits and shortcomings. Google them and you'll find them and many more!

Good luck.


Tonic water is brutal ...

btw, thought you guys might get a good knee slapper outta this site .. I did.


Notice the happy brown starfish. Be sure to listen to the jingle too. http://www.mintyass.com/Sphincterine%203.wav



Okay, went to Blogger. and now I know... Like cat and Morgan etc... they have their own website and had their Blog sent to that site. Otherwise, the web address will has Blogger after it... Still learning. Thanks for the tip!
Back to reading up.... Safe 4th for everyone


this site looks like roses. sarah is hot, nice brain.

Richie Rich

Heya girly girl.

So when we getting married?

Shoot me some love some time. :o)


Dude ... that's totally uncalled for. You have no idea what she's really like in real life. All you see is what she allows you to see on the netcam and tv. You have no idea what she's really like or if you're even slightly compatible.

Besides.. she's marrying mE! ;P

Chris Inman

Noooooo! Not Sumi too. Oh well, I won't hold it against her if she's moving on to bigger and better things. But I will miss her. Intelligent people are hard to find beyond mass media. Especially in Shelbyville, KY. I'm so out of place. Maybe I'll visit my cousin and his wife in Hayward California before they have their firstborn little girl in October. And I'll treat you with mudslides while I consume beer and screwdrivers. :-) I had a lot of fun in SanFran last time I was there. And I would love to check out my cousins's job at Oracle, and see the CS classes he teaches. But, work and sidework's been hectic lately. I won't be happy till I find a morally good financial secret and retire. Eighty four hours a week is killing me. I'm taking a break Independance day. Everyone should do the same.

Stay cool,
Hyper Smiley


I'll stick with taking pictures, making icons is cool, but taking pictures and not photoshopping them in anyway is how I like things... Maybe I am a purist or something... Either way, tonight was a good show, your blog segment was *Wayne's World Voice* Ex-cell-ent. Rock the free world!

Matt C

Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

I always knew all these hours spent in front of a computer would amount to something, someday. As much as I have tried to resist it, I will admit that I have posted about my award at my very lonely blog, www.strategiczero.com (I know from checking my stats that someone has come there from here, but I've resisted telling anyone about the blog outright just to see how long it would take to get any notice, but something as big as the SL-LAA can't go unmentioned!)



So Pat was hungover, not sick. Got it.

Another Matt C

Hello Sarah! I'm a "long-time" reader, first-time poster here. It's too bad I didn't win your award (though how I could do that just by lurking, I do not know), but I'm sure the Matt who did win deserved it. Maybe I'll win your next one, if there is a next one, eh? The Matt C's of the world are the glue that holds it together, after all. Anyway, I'm done rambling aimlessly now.

Oh, PS--love your work on TSS, you're a great addition to the already-excellent cast. And Kevin is a lucky man. ;) I'm so jealous. Heehee.


Nice smiley in your sceen capture BTW, and I'd rather be your Scarlet Pimpernel ;-)

~ Mx/The Scarlet Pimpernel


Thanks for the tip Sarah, I actually don't like the Links bar, but I tried it anyway. It was ok, but I still don;t like the links bar, lol. Luckily tho MT also offers a right-click menu add-in which I love. :)


OK Sarah,
I made an icon for the web page.
You have to add it to your favorites to see it.
Now, can you guess what it says or what it is suppose to say?


Terry - no need to add it to the Favorites - if you use Mozilla it should show up in the address bar. There, another reason not to use the flawed Internet Explorer.

Matt C

Amen for Mozilla...now if I could only change the icons for the buttons in the Personal Toolbar Folder, all would be perfect. And if MS would ever make Windows Update work with a non-IE browser, I could ditch MSIE forever, but until then, I have to keep it on my Windoh!'s box...



was anyone else suprised by Sarah's use of the phrase "the money shot" on fridays episode of TSS?

(evil Smile)



Nope, not surprised at all, what else do you expect?

*Evil Grin*


Love the Mt Icon. Heh, too bad I use GM on my blog... Ha! I saw it on the Screen Savers, which is an awesome show. xp

That Computer Guy

So, with the "Scarlet Begonias" reference am I to assume a Deadhead lurks among us?

BTW - great job on TSS! I look forward to my daily dose (sometimes twice daily if I catch the replay at Noon EDT).

Keep up the really great work - I hope that ratings are going well enough to keep TSS around for a long time!


Richie Rich

Who cares if she is going to marry someone. :o) I just want a sample. If it can't be Sarah then whats the deal with Morgen?

Just checking =) Hey what's morgens blog url?

When she said "The Money Shot" I was waiting for her to be on a bed. Oh well,

P.S. TSS Reminds me of http://www.TheServerSide.com


Richie Rich said "Hey what's morgens blog url?"
Sarah has a link on her web page.


... I was waiting for Leo to comment on "the money shot", but he didnt.

I wonder if our lil Sarah got in trouble for that juicy comment? (no pun intended)


LOL! This is too funny... I guess I'm the third Matt C.

peace out ;)


It seems like all of my favorites are leaving tech TV. Next thing you know Leo will be calling it quits. Perhaps Sumi’s opening could be your big break though. Your biggest drawback is brief air time. it would be another feather in your cap and valuable experience regardless what happens. You definitely have something going for you. Whether it’s mystique or just a clever smile, it’s something mankind has put much stock in throughout history. It’s said Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships. I don’t know exactly what causes men to discontinue rational thought when it comes to women, but I don’t think it’s merely beauty. In any case you definitely have a lot more than mere glitz on your side and if it’s offered I think you should take it.


Tonic water is bad... very very bad. Stoli Vanilla and seltzer though sounds very good. I'll definitely give it a try. I'm getting bored trying to invent new liquored up italian sodas. If you like beers (I generally don't), a friend of mine has gotten me into a wheat beer called Blue Moon Belgian White. It's got a pleasant nice taste to it. The trick is to drink it with an orange slice, preferably a ripe navel orange.

There's a review at:


i'm sad that sumi is leaving too. did a google
search and i found where she is moving on to.


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