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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

"I Heart My New Nikon," by Sarah Lane

I've been loving my new Nikon 5400 digital beauty up and down the block in our first week together. Man, I don't know how I'll even get through all the features before I get to Europe! I'd go through all the features, but if you care enough to muddle through the specs I think they say it better than me. Now, I have issues with flashed pics. Yeah they keep everything crisp and clear, but they often sterilize the scene. The 5400 has about five million different flashless options for a clarity snubber like me. I think I'm in love!

Girl falls for DJ:


The Union closes in on the Confederates:


Foo Foo tears it up:


A lovely spot for a haircut and a Corona:


Warm hearts in a red room:


I have to start packing! I'll be en route in less than 24 hours! Good god!

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Goodluck, have fun, come back safe! :)


Hey this is a nice site, it's the first "blog" I've ever visited. A friend told me about it when we were discussing Cat's, umm, exposure.

Good show today. Good to see a Mac download once in a while. Have fun in Europe. Be sure to take interesting pics.


First time to your blog. Kind of new to the whole thing. I'm a Multimedia student very close to graduation, so I'm highly interested. I'll be watching you blog reports more often. Have fun on your trip and come back in one piece. Oh yeah, keep Kev in line!


hmm is kevin and sarah dating? or just good buddies? oh and i want a beach!!! whaaaaaa!


Safe trip and take lots -n- lots of pictures.



have fun sarah!



Yes.. they've been dating for the past couple of months.


hmm is kevin and sarah dating? or just good buddies? oh and i want a beach!!! whaaaaaa!
Posted by kingdom2000 at July 23, 2003 09:32 PM

Kevin in sarah are not only dating, they are married and have three kids....
lol jk...

ryan l

sarah, itll suck not reading up on your blog. Im sure ill make a few stops back here just to wonder if its updated. listen to some NOFX when you're there. They're awesome!

Matt C

aww, great pics!

have fun, be safe, and smell everything!


LoL, looks like you guys are having a blast. Well that is great, you deserve it. :-)


Hey, enjoy the trip...we will miss your blog entries
while you are gone. TTFN


Man, you guys look liketwo charactors out of the freaking Lord of the Rings in that red pic. . .


Totally agree on the flash thing. I have a degree in Photography, which I mention only because I ran out of things to say and felt the need to inflate my ego. Seriously though, there are correct ways to use flash, and I am well aware of those techniques, but for the most part, I think you're usually better off without it. Then again, I'm also more for film than digital, so what do I know?


I hope you have a fun, safe trip!!! Take lots of pics to share!


Love the camera! I'm jealous now...time to upgrade my old Nikon 995!

Have fun, don't get arrested!!


so.....how bout that pic of cat flashing, "Now, I have issues with flashed pics." boy your telling me, everyone who visits her site does


You guys take care, look after one another, take tons of pics, and have a blast. I love you!


Sarah, one tip: Go into your camera settings and turn on Best Shot Select. It's great for any pictures without the flash, and it really works! Enjoy your trip.


I love the pics. Sarah...I can't wait for more. I hope you enjoy your trip..and take alot of pics..cause you know we all want to see them...:)
See you when you come back on 8/11..i'll miss you...and I think everyone will...buh bye


Aww such a sweet picture of you and Kevin :D I really like the new camera too! A friend of mine got it and its really really nice! Have fun in Europe and we'll all miss you from TSS


Just be careful and don't put up any pics like cat did on her blog.

Er. Come to think of it. Please put pics like cat did on her blog.


why cant people be like the people on catschwartz.com.. rude and crude! much funnier than this boring BS.. such as: that last picture must be red because it's flashing a "NERD ALERT".. har har har


Hey Why your person/people have arrived Aaron is here to stir up the "shit" so to speak.


IMPORTANT: I heard you mention the Blarney Stone when talking about your trip on TSS today. Sarah, DO NOT kiss the Blarney Stone. Little Irish punks tend to sneak in during the middle of the night and take a piss on it. It could be an urban legend told to tourists, but better safe than sorry.


i own a D10 by canon and am having fun. it does not have all that extra stuff but it does have good resolution. i can change lenses also. i am use to big..... big is good. i wish i could go with you. i start my vacation tomorrow. i will just have to fuelup the old lear and call my pilot and her name is Pussy Galore(Goldfinger fame). see you in Picadilly Square. ttfn


I have a Kodak LS443,
Lets see more pictures of the foo foo in the club!


don't forget to take care of the little elfph package....
speaking of which, i was lucky enough to see vern(mini me) driving on a side street and not stopping for a stop sign. bad boy...
"have fun storming the castle"...

GlennieD [the Canuck]

Who was the TTV host that posted pics???

Someone mail me! :-)

Guys, thanks for the great show! Lots of great tips. I charge the neighbours that have computer troubles! Great for buying my beer when out on the town on the weekends!


Have a good trip and watch out for Gypsies in caravans!


On your last day on TSS, you said you and Kevin were going to get married while in Europe. True? Or were you just kidding?


Sarah is expecting. Congrats. :)


*Laughs* Poor Foo Foo looks drugged.


get to England why don't you.......
my D10 does less than your camera but it's got a nice feel.
see you soon....... don't forget to download.

Richard j Smith

Hey Sarah~
Have a safe trip and have lots of fun. Sense Kevin brought his lap top please try to post when you can. Later~ Richard


Have fun Sarah...and say the same to Kevin :) You two look like a cute couple. Thank you for filling in for Megan when you did that was very nice of you to do while she was on maternity leave. keep on keepin on' :)



The Devil

Sarah Lane walks into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist if the store carries extra-large condoms.

“Yes we do,” he says. “Would you like to buy some?”

“No,” she replies. “But do you mind if I wait around until someone does?”


The Devil

... and then Dr. Bobbie walk in and you know the rest of the story...


I have the canon g5..I only played around with the nikon 5400 for a little while but i like the g5 better..except that the lens cap never stays on heh.. Other than that its a great camera and..the nikon's..great too I suppose..bleh.


I have the canon g5..I only played around with the nikon 5400 for a little while but i like the g5 better..except that the lens cap never stays on heh.. Other than that its a great camera and..the nikon's..great too I suppose..bleh.

William Alexander

I think you are so hot when your talking on tv I just wished I could meet you in person and maybe hang out or go get something to eat

Your friend and fan
William Alexander


Sarah. I am waiting for your return so I can see all the pictures you took with your awesome Nikon. Have a great time, be safe and enjoy the view. I am sure eveyone misses you on TechTV.

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