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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Fun For the Whole Family.

So in the interest of keeping you all entertained, I'm forgoing my usual thoughtful, witty blog commentary for some fun Internet tasks.

Mission #1: First person who figures out the URL to my Blogger.com test page and posts it in my comments section gets a Lifetime Achievement Award! It's not my finest effort, so try to look past that. (You'll know if you're right)

Mission #2:
Take this quiz to find out how long you have. Then go hug someone.

Mission #3: Find out what Googlisms are associated with you. And although I'm open 5 days a week, don't think you can stay a minute past 2 am! Closing time....open up the doors and let you out into the world...

And for those of you who write me wanting pics, I have obeyed. Please send treats.

Luther has great taste in reading material:


A small child once tried to steal my mango:


Kevin's handwriting is funny sometimes:


In closing, is there anything tastier than leftover Indian food? I didn't think so.

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Sorry in advance Sarah, but if I didn't post it someone else surely would :) How could you forget the very first Googlism on your list.

'sarah lane is without a doubt the sexiest "behind'


Justin Nguyen

hey sarah, nice blog. Listen i was wondering if you would like to exchange link with me? I am new on the internet, and sorta just got my own blog / domain. Just wondering if you like to exchange links with me.

Oh yeah i landed on your site from leoville.com I guess straight from the screen savers. The show has help me alot during my high school year, and had helped me gotten a job as a Dell Computer phone tech support. Thanks ahead of time again.


All too easy ...


Bunny Emerald

Indian food gets better as leftovers, especially the spice part. No more rice or nan? It's simply divine over toast.


Nope, akasarah.blogspot.com is not me!
Hers is actually pretty good. Mine's just a test site. Hee hee, this isn't so easy!!



First... I would like to thank God, with him all things are possible.

Im sure this is wrong... i just didnt wanna feel left out. :P


I will ponder this more when i get to work tonight at 11:30pm... If i am gonna figure this out, i may as well get paid for it.

I noticed, sarah always updates her blog when shes at work... it seems we think alike. :P


I don't know if this is it but I found



Lol, is that whipcream I see in the pic with Kevin?


Aw man, this is gonna make me nuts. What's the test page? I've tried everything...

sarahiscool.blogspot.com (REALLY don't think its that one),

I also can't put down a Rubik's cube. Oh, BTW:


Sar, you'll love this googlism I did:

transformers is the best movie





both seem to work :)


whoopsie, I guess I need to pay more attention to the question...

Matt C

Matt C

Crap...nope, that's not it either...

Matt C

sarahtest.blogspot.com ?

Matt C

I win -


(thank you technorati.com)


I thought it would take longer.
Matt C wins!!! I'll post a better congrats in my next entry, promise.


Congrats Matt C!

Maybe Sarah will say your name on the air!
That would be cool!



The first "googleism" for sarah lane was:

sarah lane is without a doubt the sexiest "behind


a few of mine...

david manley is a dynamic new artist whose gifted voice magnificently reveals itself on his debut disc

david manley is one to watch for

david manley is the typo king

(okay the last one was fake, although very accurate)

Matt C

Now I can finally go to bed...I got on one of those "I'm not doing anything else until I figure this thing out!" tangents

so after a little while of combining random names with ".blogspot.com," I was searching the stats on my own newly launched site and found a hit from technorati.com, so I went to their site, and they've got a neat little feature where you can plug in a website and they'll show you all the sites that link to it, so I plugged in sarahlane.com and the blogspot site was the first one that came back (you can do the same thing in google, just type link:http://www.thesitename.xxx in the search bar and you should get the same sort of results.)


Matt C

here's my googlism's

matthew cox is a multi (no, actually, I'm a Pisces)
matthew cox is a research assistant at the federal reserve board in washington (no, but it would impress the ol' HS buddies)
matthew cox is a mcp (this will be true after next monday)
matthew cox is a recent graduate of uncc (uh, no. They're a conference rival and I would never have gone to Charlotte!)
matthew cox is a program for modular and freestanding tables and chairs (now they're giving away all my secrets)
matthew cox is representing mrs (Mrs.? When did THAT happen?)
matthew cox is with nmw productions (no, but I am actively seeking a new career, so maybe this is fortune telling?)



Either this choice is very Freudian, or something that the tabloids would be interested in.

Chris Inman

Excellent job Matt C! Webferret failed with less than 300 sites for blogspot.com in the URL because it doesn't have Google incorporated yet as one of it's search engines (hurry up Ziff Davis developers). ;-) I tried google advanced searches since they own pyra, blogger, and blogspot but came up with mixed results. I decided to do a DNS whois lookup and miscellaneous searches to find keywords for a URL hack. I fell asleep listening to Linkin' Park. I was so close, and had a lot of fun.

I found out a lot of useful while searching. I love the lutherworld site it kept a smile on my face the whole time. I have four very close friends that run http://www.apa-pets.org/ When I have free time I do all I can to help. If anyone is in the Borden, Indiana area please check it out and adopt a pet. I think it's cool your dad teaches children. Give him a big hug often. Teachers need every bit of appreciation they can get. Seems I'm suppose to pass to the higher plane of existence on Wednesday, April 29, 2065. And 6' 137lbs. is desireable. I think I'm underweight, but everything I've tried fails to add any mass. :-( Anyway, thanks for giving us the tasks it was the best.

Stay cool,
Your submissive lackey
Hyper (only when you command me to be) Smiley

Chris Inman

Oh yeah, I forgot about a link to include while I was closing the keyword dat file.
(for all you feline lovers out there)



from the test page...

"Sarah Lane likes Blogger. Sarah Lane thinks it's a great tool for the new blogger just making his way into the world. Sarah Lane wants to know all your secrets. Sarah Lane is very hungry."


Uhm .. anyone else losing interest with all this kevin/bobby jive?

Tim W

My Googlism...

tim weston is a native of southern california
tim weston is a research associate for atlas evaluation and assessment
tim weston is sponsoring both the history club and phi alpha theta this year
tim weston is a young man with big dreams
tim weston is paul’s son


great job matt. lol


How odd...a small child tried to steal my mango once too...


damnit i dont look at the site 1 day and i miss out on all the fun


Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about daniel mota yet. im so sad :'( im so unpopular

Matt H

Uh oh...
are there some weddin' bells in the future you guys are keeping secret from us or something? ;)








Found it!

Sarah Lane likes Blogger..... Sarah Lane is very hungry.

// posted by Sarah @ 12:59 PM


lol ur a nut =P

Chris Inman

Hmmm. Cute siddman, I really like your blog. Go ahead and email her the features tip for the Google toolbar. She might announce it on air and you'll be famous ;). Don't think about it (Nike- Just Do It). It sucks on what happened to your monitor. Check out:
I can't wait till they introduce it to the consumer market. I'm sick of paying $300+ every year for my DLP projectors. I'm so excited about Universal Display that it's hard to keep from creaming my pants. Oops, too late :(



anyone else notice that Sarah changed her post a lil bit?

It wend from "Shiat!!" (minus the "a") to "Shoot!!"

Why is that Sarah?




"sarah lane is suffering from cataracts and is slowly losing her vision"

I'm sorry about that.
Googlism really sucks...


"And for those of you who write me wanting pics, I have obeyed. Please send treats."
Okay, what kind of treats do you want, and where do I send them?

steven christopher

my Googlism (and actually off my website):
steve danforth is the type of person i want to be

i guess i can't complain =)


gee, i guess i'm late.
is it www.kevinshunnie@cupidsarrow ?

i don;t know

Darren from Caaanada

darren napper is finally out as a beta (WOW CAN I PLAY?
darren napper is "bill of no rights" cyberhero campaign 2000 profile (Cyberhero Darren to the rescue...dun nu na na nah!)
darren napper is a 46 year old attorney in private practice seeking the position 2 seat on the pulaski county quorum (um....I'm only 22 and where is pulaski county?)
darren napper is an idea that jan had for a baby quilt to which she buttons a pillow (she? who would name a girl Darren ... I mean really)

Darren from Caaanada

Addendum to the last comment....I hate people that do this :P

You may be open 5 days a week but....
leo laporte is rightfully exposed for the uncaring
leo laporte is one of the accused
leo laporte is not who he seems to be
leo laporte is a family man and we all know that he's about as wild as three day old bowl of unfrosted shredded wheat
and last but not least
leo laporte is m3g4l337 (mega leet)


man these freaks need a real life, stop obsessing over a person just cause there on tv. :) its one thing to read or be interested its another TO STALK AND BE A FU*#(@! weirdo.

all in good fun....


Thanks Chris. :) She seems pretty obsessed with "the G bar" already. Blog this button really pushed her "other" buttons. ;)

Isaiah Brazzell

Cool blog! I must say, other than Morgan, you're atthe top of my list of the hotties of TechTV! Check out my blog sometime. It's like a journal. Feel free to email me. You seem like a really cool woman!

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