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Monday, July 21, 2003

3 days till blast off.

I can't believe I'm leaving for Europe in 3 days. I feel totally unprepared. So far I have my passport and my sleeping pills for the plane. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with planning a vacation and it sort of depresses me. That sounds ridiculous, I know. I can't explain it.

In the random department, while I was napping midday yesterday I had a dream that my cockatiel died in my hands right as I was about to give him a bath. I really did have a pet cockatiel for about 7 years as a kid, but he flew away. And I never actually gave him a bath. It was a very strange dream. I'm going to blame it on midday napping in the heat.

If you're sensing a less-than-thrilled attitude between these lines, you may be onto something. I had a terrible allergy attack up in Sonoma County yesterday and although I'm all healed today, it took the wind out of my sails. Those who have severe allergies will know what I mean... you can't sneeze 500 times in a single afternoon and not be a little out of whack.

In happier news, I'm getting a haircut tomorrow! I really love going to the salon. It's a fun place- we drink tea and chat and read magazines and for one day my hair looks really beautiful and perfect afterward. If only I had the time or energy to turn that hair dryer between visits, I'd really be in business. But sleeping in always wins. Ho hum.

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Well, never actually gone to a salon before, but it sounds...interesting.


I just read through all of your post and have a download of the day for you:
It is a webform spellchecker. I'm horrible at spelling myself so it is a godsend.


Have fun in Europe, don't cause too much chaos. Sorry you had allergies and stuff. My question for you is why aren't you plugging http:www.thebroken.org ? I would think you would be, but guess not. Get lots of cool pictures over there, have a blast, pun inteded on your title :-D



Hi Sarah,

I hope that you have a nice trip to Europe and enjoy it a lot.



I hope you don't decide to post naked pic's of yourself like an unamed TTV host did recently. Kevin might get pissed.


Hey Sarah, hope you have a blast in Europe. Eat, drink, be merry...just be careful and don't get arrested. Unless it is for something really fun. Then go for it. And take pictures. Evidence rocks!


Since I've had this digital recorder screen grabs are now an option though I haven't wasted much time with it. I wish I had it years ago to preserve my old favorites. Live TV is the best. Anyway have fun on your trip and don't forget to bring back some pics. My favorite memories of England were Warwick castle and Blenheim Palace. the old churches, buildings and the countryside all stood out, but those two just had the effect of jarring my senses there was so much to see. There's a new allergy medicine on the horizon which I heard about on your channel. I can't remember the name but it treats allergies a whole different way, not merely blocking the symptoms. Enjoy your trip!


what's wrong with posting naked pictures of yourself on your own website? if there is something wrong with that, i think there is something wrong with dumb people posting comments on the internet

who cares who gets pissed anyway?


Shut up bucket. Loser.

I was trying to hint to hr ideas she could do in her spare time while in Europe.


I once heard that sneezing was 1/16 of an orgasm. I would say you should be out of whack, but at least have a gigantic smile.


Dream like that usually mean something. Have a fear of the plane crashing? maybe the bird represents you, the water as the ocean, and you urself the plane.. Maybe the plane crashing into the water or something?

Watcha think about that =P


Ooh Europe! I'm jealous. Have fun!

TechTV posted nude pics? Who? and don't discourage any attractive woman from doing that!
Got to give us geeks something to live for! :-P



We just got a "Segway" unit for our office!

Nothing like a ride on the Segway to lighten the spirits in a tech support call center.


Something tells me they have one at TechTv... Just a hunch.



BTW... what host posted the pics? My curiosity is peaked...

Email me!


Where r u goin Europe?

Mean Gene

You suck. Hope you have fun even though you're crushing us non-European-vacationers.

Freakin' Westcoasters. :)

Chris Inman

You and Kevin have a nice vacation. Think of how much fun and excitement the two of you will have. Don't forget your credit cards. They've saved my ass numerous times. You have nothing to worry about since Kevin's with you. The "Dynamic Duo" is unstoppable. Anyway, don't fight it, go with the flow, and let those sneezes come out. I'm gonna deal peppers for my own orgasmic fix :D

The super elastic
Hyper Smiley


Just wanted to wish you and Kevin a very excellent trip and not to worry about the show (like you would be worried). Take lots of pictures and put them on your site remotely.

Safe and a wonderful journey.



I feel the say way when I know I am travling soon. I can't stand packing and everything else in getting prepared to leave. Funny you had a cockatiel. I have one now named J.J. He is 15 years old! I've had em since I was 8. He still runs around talking and singing like he did when he was younger. Have an awsome trip.


Sarah, when are you going to steal another blog stylesheet? That was my stylesheet you stole on TSS that day. You and Kevin are alot alike he steals music you steal code.


Dude I know exactly what you mean about bad allergy attacks. Sneezing all day just wears you out big time. Drains you mentally and physically. The best med I have found is Zertec. And if you cant afford that then just get a wet towel, drench it with cold water, and place it over your eyes and nose while you lay on the bed with a fan blow nice cool air in your direction. "Dam if that’s not a run on sentence, then I don’t know what is"
Even if I have the big Z, I still do the towel thing when it gets bad. Hope this helps gurl.

Orlando aka big O akaa komputerphreak.com


Whoa, sneezing 500 times! I think i did that once, tried it later but couldn't. Hehe


Pictures of the new hair style?


I know what you mean about the salon. For one day, my hair looks great but I couldn't be bothered to do it myself.

It is so nice to get away from it all and sit with your feet up, reading magazines and having someone serve you tea.

...and don't forget the massage when you get your hair washed. I love that bit....all my problems melt away.

Have a great time in Europe. You are smart for bringing the sleeping pills which, by the way, antihistamines can be used for also (since you have allergies).


Colleen from Leoville

Have fun and hold on to your purse, two of my friends went to Italy and one of them was jostled and they took her purse, those pros are just looking for an American to rob. On that happy note, See yah, when you return


The show is gonna be pretty empty next week then. Have you thought about asking Morgan to come back for a few shows, at least while Jessica is away doing the bit chats?

The nook needs a serious transfusion of smart women with you on vacation. Not to mention Dan doesn't look good in a wig!

Chris Inman

The world is a crazy place. Get some pepper spray and don't be afraid to kick a guy in the nuts :D 8 You have a good head on your shoulders and good judgement. And Kevin will be with you so you shouldn't have to worry. The two of you can accomplish anything. Once again forget your worries and have fun. That's what a vacation's for.

Hyper "silly putty" Smiley


I don't know if I'd want to get on a plane after having a dream like that, Sarah! Oh well, sleep lots and drink whatever's free on the plane.

Good luck in Austria and say "Guten Morgen" to Natalie Imbruglia.


Well I don't know if it is this music that I have on right now or that was a sad story, but I almost cried about your cockatiel. OK I didn't really "almost cry" I lied....but I am listening to music that could put you in that mood. Anyway, I have severe alergies and I feel for you. When I lived in california (que nestalgic music) (start life story) I use to have terrible alergies...then we moved to Iowa...don't ask...and suprisingly they got better despite all the hay and everything else that has to do with farming and agriculture. And when you have a massive allergy attack it does take a lot out of you. Call in sick...:O, thats my answer. Your lucky...salons with tea...here in Iowa we have hair cutters in basements...God I have to get out to San Francisco. And hopefully I will cuz I want to go to college out there...has anyone heard of the Academy of Art College? Thats where I want to go...It's a little expensive...anyone have any money I can have?

Andy Dakin


Have a great trip, OK?


I know this is completely off topic, but you should turn on back tracking! I have an article I could wright about my friend who is in Europe right now. Fortunately I was able to get her to use a blog while she was there so most of the trip is documented. Swing by and check it out, http://www.changethedestiny.com/miblog/ Good stuff I promis! ^_^


Well ?!? Where are the pics of your new haircut ?


If you're visiting Paris, I hope the Eiffel Tower is still open even after that fire...


Ooh find out who made the nude pic mistake. Sucks about the mistake as probably unintentional but having seen theh pics I say woot! Wish more techtv ladies do that ;)

And oh yeah, have a blast in paris.

And you TSS thing with the lemonade stand I believe is based off an old (80ish) Apple game, you know that was on one of those huge floppies that computers use to require. Loved that game.

Now I need to find another game from that era, I think called Oklahoma Trail but not sure on that.


The game was "Oregon Trail"



Yes, I've played both of those games...kind of brings back the memories...back when we all crowded around the old Apple...such fun...

Dan from Leoville

your cockatiel story made me sad, I love my cockatiel and i've had dreams before about her getting hurt, it's always such an unpleasant feeling. You heard her screaming when you called me to be on TSS in May, and you understand how attached they get to you... We get attached to them too.

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