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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Today's Word is Apoplectic.

My boss, Paul Block, wrote that on the whiteboard in my cube. I had to look it up. Then I had to wonder why he was experiencing apoplexy. But isn't that a great word? I consider myself an officer of the grammar police, but I'm constantly humbled by how many words I've never uttered before.

Here's another one (let the uttering commence!):
- A yellow-brown to black or green hydrocarbon wax, found in irregular veins in sandstones and used in making electrical insulation and polishes.

I'd also like to bring back an exclamation whose popularity seems to have waned sometime before I was making exclamations: "Egad!" That just makes me laugh. Next time you're surprised, please exclaim that.

Moving right along, does anyone out there have credit card debt? Yeah, me too. I've had a nice big chunk of it since my college days, when I signed up for the now defunct "Webmiles" credit card. Oh, I could go into the whole thing, but let's just say I was young and naive. At the time, web-based miles seemed tres cool. What Internet bubble? Funny how when companies go out of business, miles disappear. And I was buying everything from gas to groceries on that thing. Silly girl.

Anyway, I'm almost done picking away at my credit card debt. I eagerly await the month when I can run free through the daisies and have money for things like DSL and more RAM!! Stupid credit card.

My favorite words to date:

My least favorite words:
Sleuth (I have taken issue with it ever since my Nancy Drew days, it was written at least once in every book)
Arachnophobia (I have this phobia, the word itself reminds me of spiders, there is nothing good about it, all bad)
Phlegm (spelling is all over the map and I got sick typing it) Today's pic is my best impression of a flippant, yet thirsty, lady:


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I like the word narcissistic, although I don't have any interest in people who have that characteristic. Its just a fun word to say, really.


Hey Sarah,

Nice finger there :)

Hey ... tried adding you on my friendster list ...

Matt C

other quality words include, but are not limited to: Lambaste, Aplomb, Dyspepsia, and a personal fave, Onomatopoeia. I also like the way Proprietor and Purveyor sound.


funny thing about that name Cheyenne........ :P

Brent  Butler

Try this one on for size. "sesquipedalian"

If you say it right it just rolls off the tongue. It is a favorite of mine.

I do have to say that I like Cheyenne as well.


Terpitude. I love that word. My 12 year old son has an interesting sentence using his two favorite words -- obituary and rebuttal, but I won't post that here :)

Flippant, indeed!


Does anybody else experience text problems when viewing the blog?


I do.. sometimes. Other people have pointed it out to me too. Now, I'm not sure if it has to do with text widening and stuff, which I did fool around with early on. Anybody have a similar problem/solution?


So why is Paul Block pissed at you.
Apoplectic: also : greatly agitated.



The word I have always liked:
Don't know why.

Just curious Sarah, I have seen you around in the background for quite some time. I have seen several people moved up, and thru TSS. I have always wondered why you were not moved into the "on-screen" world.
You seem to be a near perfect fit. (You know, sparkling & bubbly, with attitude)
Anyway, enjoy your work.



My love of words stems from reading. The way words went together always fascinated me. more so I think than actual words themselves. Economy with words is an art. Conveying your exact meaning with perfect descriptive words can be it’s own nirvana. I always thought you were flippant. even minus the bird. It suits you.

Matt C

more words - verisimilitude, consternation, and troglodyte.

sarah, here's a couple t-shirts you might enjoy...



You have to change the css template if you stuck with the original one there are some wanky issues. Just play around with it till you get the sizing right :)


madula oblongata has always been a fav of mines. no clue how to spell it but im sure it can be figured out. and about the text i have the same problem in ie i just highlight it and it straitens it out for me .i also hate Arachnophobia mainly the hairy spiders give me the willies and of cours those end up being about the only ones i see. but the funny thing is im gona learn how to handle spiders and other animals over the summer for my volunteer job at a museum. i only pray that i dont freak out and kill the spiders.


Thanks, Cheyenne!
PS- I'm insanely jealous of your name. :)


"Catharsis" is a great word too. And if you really want to throw people off, try saying "what the deuce?"

steven christopher

*peeved* Try to tell someone that you're really "peeved" at them and see how long you can stay mad.

Space Monkey

"intimacy" - great word.


obstreperous - not submitting to discipline or control; usually results in others becoming apoplectic ;^)


yea but Sarah Lane just has that groovy ring to it girl ;)


My favorite... Prestidigitation... "manual dexterity in the art of tricks: sleight of hand". Fun to teach to kids... heck, adults can barely say it.
I worked in Cheyenne Mountain at NORAD for a few years... and I still like that word... don't think I'll get tired of it soon either.


I've always like anomaly, although it's a bit out of the ordinary.

Bunny Emerald




an island in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa; part of the United Republic of Tanzania

I actually watched the today show for a couple minutes this morning and they had the national geography bee winner on it. He was in 8th grade. The only downfall was that his younger sister almost beat him. Almost.


EGAD!!! I've just discovered that I know nothing of geography... wish I could go back to the 8th grade and be home schooled... only problem is... my sister really would beat me.

On a much more pleasant note... here's a phrase I love... also with two of my favorite words: Veritable Cornucopia.

Example... "Hey... that 8th grade guy has a veritable cornucopia of semi-useless information."

Still, I'm proud of the little fella...


yeah, I was watching the kid this morning and wondering what he'll be doing in 10 years and if he'll be upset that he was home schooled. I'm sure he would be teased at school which is no fun. Its hard to say what the right thing is to do for kids that smart. I'm sure his parents didn't want the social aspects of school to get in the way. But isn't that life? This could be an interesting debate.

Sorry, I was a sociology major in college.

Matt C

There is quite a plethora of unique words in this comment section!


Plethora-another great one. I love this thread.

Matt C



When I saw the word "Cheyenne" I thought right away as my friend Cheyenne (aka Gnome-Girl). Seems that she even commented.


I thought grammar referred to the syntax of a language & the vocabulary referred to the collection of words that one was adept with? I dunno maybe not? Personally I like the common words because if I go spouting new words to my friends they're just going to return blank stares(yes even after I explain them). Sad but true. ^^


Why your cheeks are so red?

Matt C


I need to print these out for scrabble...

Bob Mainhart

How about "autodefenestration" -- at act of hurling one's self out a window.

Matt C

at the risk of becoming an INXS video...

ruminate, fulminate, elucidate, and transmogrify.


cheerleader wooooooooo's rule ;)


There’s a real danger associated with getting too caught up in vocabulary. Being a word snob has a stigma all it’s own. Some people often seem like they’re seven feet deep in a pile of dung talking straight into outer space. The rule of thumb I go by is the same that’s used in fractions. Always reduce to the lowest common denominator. If there isn’t a good reason for not using the word in most common usage word snobdom could be running rampant in your crib.


the thing with word snobs is thats all they can do u big ass words to show off and belittle all around them. unless all there friends use big words too then i guess thats fine. if somehow i ofended someone sry

Matt C

triple word score justifies everything.

William Beem

Apoplectic is a wonderful word. It's particularly wonderful when you discover apoplectic insousiance.


Thank you! It almost seems as if you are a good friend of mine. You are not really, i've never "flesh" met you, I hope one day i will. But your Blog makes me feel like i've known you for a bit! Thanks for the pics and the the bit of back ground info you have let go about your self! You are in the spot light take it for what its worth! Please still continue to kick ass!


Bak fusion, lumbar, multi-level, anterior,ouch!


It looks as if she was posing for this picture or she has a good grasp of flipping someone off. I admire how she curls her index and ring finger, with the middle finger at full extension. I give it a 10!!! See you in the Gold Medal round!


Wow! This has been a most "serendipidous" event. I too will print this out for scrabble ;)


Indicative, extrapolate, superfluous, subjugate, coagulate, misogynist, perpendicular, myopic, taciturn, debacle, panacea, rotund, majestic, subversive, congenial, salacious, repugnant, tempestuous, bravado, obfuscate, charisma, lascivious, prodigious, bestow, jovial, comely (hehehe…sorry guy thing) and Sarahdipity.

mystic 23


Just thought you should know...there is a really cool house/trance song by Junior Vasquez called 'Extraviganza. You should check it out, since you enjoy that word so much. :)

BTW - I like your work on TSS...the greatest show in the world.

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