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March 31, 2007



Wow, thanx for the FAQ, Sarah! I know I've been one of those five emails a day a couple times before! ;) Glad you made it home safely!


Perfect... I tried to think of things you may have missed but I can't. 'Spose I'll leave that to every one else, they'll do a better job than me. Don't feel bad about not doing something like this sooner, you guys have more important things to do, but this is a great addition to all the other content you and Brendan have provided us with. I hope, and I'm pretty sure, this isn't the end of you two's crazy adventures. The past 11 months have been an eye opener for me, and I thank you two for that.



I was curious about how much the whole trip cost you two. I was guessing quite a bit more than 25k. A year of adventure for the price of a car is pretty good. Some day ...

Thanks for all the great pictures and stories.


Hey, we have the same camera Sarah. I just bought mine because I want to try my hand at stock photography. :)


Thank you for posting this information. This will be helpful in arranging a trip we hope to take in the near future. I feel you answered all the obvious quite well, so I've nothing else to ask.


Awesome post. Very informative. I had one more question that wasn't answered, though. Did you buy any keepsakes while you were away (art, furniture, chochtkes, etc.)? I presume, yes. Did you ship these items home? Did you carry them with you to future destinations? In other words, how was all the inevitable collecting that happens during travel handled?

Oh, and welcome home :-)


Where do you wish you had gone, if you were given more time? I remember at AOTS that you really seemed offended that you did not go on the trip to Japan, I thought for sure you and B would have book passage to Japan. But it never happened. If you had another 2 months on the road where would have you gone?


I added some shipping info to the bottom of my FAQ. Good call!

We didn't go to Japan for financial reasons more than anything. Japan is an expensive country to fly into and to stay in, and also one that I think I'd prefer to do separately, rather than as part of a large backpacker experience.

If I had two more months, I'd go to Peru and Bolivia. That was our original plan, but time and money unfortunately got away from us.


Now that the end of the world, trip is coming, heehee, do you have any plans for life back in the USofA?


This is not really worthy of your FAQ, but I do have a question.

Possibly because of events while I was growing up (as in "the war"), I've always been fascinated by Vietnam and Laos, and hope to travel there myself. While you were there, did you experience or feel any animosity towards yourselves by the people because of America's past history with that area? Or were you welcomed with open arms?

And I've really enjoyed following your travels, so much so that I'm sorry to see it end. But everyone has to return to the daily grind sooner or later!

Hi Sara,
I don't know you but I think I met Brendan years ago. This site was referred to me by a former co-worker who used to work with us. I just wanted to say that I think you are awesome, even though I don't know you. It's so refreshing to see or read about intelligent, kind people who would take the time to write about your travels and help others interested in doing the same. You guys make a beautiful couple and I wish you all the best.


Welcome home! Thanks for taking us all "along" with you. I hope your and Brendan's adventure together is only just beginning :)


Welcome Home B and S!!

Paul Enski

I watch all your travel pictures. I know now that you are the most beautiful thing in this world Sarah.


Nerd question:

How was your MBP configured?


Wonderful trip! I very far behind in reading your entries... hopefully I can find a weekend in the near future and read them all in one sitting. If you're ever in new york city, please send me a note, I'd love to hear about some of your experiences in person!


I can't believe this wasn't asked.


Are you going to go back to TV? Or something else? We sure miss seeing you on AOTS.


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Ross Wirth

Great post Sarah!. I enjoyed skimming the posts you guys put up, I can't believe it's been over a year already. As a IT consultant who travels every week, I've got tons of miles saved up, and am contemplating an around the world trip to use some. Hopefully Marriott comes through and I can use some of those points along the way too =)


This must be nice travel if i would make it happen.


Awesome blog & FAQ! My wife & I just quit our jobs and will be leaving on our 6-12 month around the world in September. I was wondering if you would give us some practical tips. For instance, how did you find accomodation, like your little apartment in Rio? Did you have accomodation reserved ahead of time, or find it upon arrival? Did you stay entirely in one city for long periods and just make day trips, or did you move around every few days? However you did it, it looks like you found nice places for little money! Also, for food, would you usually just get groceries and make your own?

I was also wondering about packing. I was trying to pack light (45 liters and under 30 pounds), but I want to bring an SLR camera with lenses, a laptop, etc, similar to the load you two brought. What bags did you bring, and how big were they? Were they difficult to haul around with all that gear? Were they rollers, or backpacks?

Also, we are webdesign novices. How would we go about learning to make a website similar to yours?

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Wow, thanks for the info. Good luck in your travels.


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hey there. i'm an old friend of josh firstenberg's and he just told me about you and your page. my husband and i (who also live in the bay area) are planning a very similar trip, so i'm looking forward to reading all about yours! tips and advice will be pulled wherever i can find them!

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