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March 10, 2007



I wish I could find more butterflies to take pictures of. Enjoy the rest of your trip, S.


Beautiful photos and great insight into whether or not to go Argentina or Brazil for the whole Iguazu Falls experience.

Looks like you both are enjoying it all immensely - keep writing and I'll keep reading.


Amazing. I've gotta get a good camera soon so I can start learning how to use it. A month seems like a while in one place, but I can see how you guys would like the break. Enjoy that wi-fi, but don't get too hooked. :)



Do I see Kevin going over a barrel in the falls?

Text Pirate

Waterfalls, birds and butterflies. If I lived close by I'd be there every weekend.

For anyone interested in attracting butterflies I suggest wet cement. They love it.


I was beginning to miss you guys.

Those butterfly pictures were pretty! I need to camera like that. The waterfall looks lovely!


Oh wow! wonderful pictures, I loved the butterfly pictures and the last bird picture. wow.


No time to make a video?


Beautiful photos of the falls :)

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