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March 21, 2007



Que Tal? It is more of a statement than a question. also if you are going to ask a question in spanish you need the upside question mark in front of the first word ┬┐Que Tal?


The animal looks like a capybara:

PS. My husband and I have had much enjoyment reading about you and Brendan's first year while experiencing our first year of marriage, too.

PPS. AOTS sucks now that you're gone.


Hey you guys there is a great episode of Anderson Cooper on about the sex trade in Phnom Pehn. It reiminded me of your expeience at the bar. Although I don't remeber if you were in Cambodia you may want to check it out.

Text Pirate

Buenos Aires has always sounded like a cool place.

I was thinking the animal might be a capybara at first but its legs are too long. Then I thuoght agouti but that doesn't look quite right either. I'm stumped.

I've been checking out sarah. snippets and it is indeed pointless and mundane but I look anyway. Pointless and mundane is a complement, I swear.


I love the picture of the tree in the park, with the pink petals contrasting on the freakishly green grass -- my new background.

I like sarah. snippets. It's fun to see what's going on in your head! :)

And I wholeheartedly agree with Laura, above. On both accounts.


How are the natives in Buenos Aires towards non-Spanish speakers? I'm always leery of traveling to other countries because I don't want to embarrass myself by butchering the language.

I'm certainly glad you embraced Flickr. I'd use it all the time if I had interesting pictures.

Oh and Laura is totally right about AOTS. It is awful these days. Your replacement is worthless. Nice job ditching that sinking ship.


so sorry to hear about your camcorder. fawking thieves.


Wow, that stinks about your camcorder. I hope Karma is on your side. I always figure that if people do sucky things that sucky things will happen to them. Not very poetic but true!


Hey sarah, sorry to hear bout your stuff getting stolen. Hope karma kicks their ass.


I think the little animal dood is a "Mara"

Text Pirate

Dave, thanks for the animal ID. I've been wondering and you're definitely right.

Heath Lopez

WOW 13 month honeymoon? My wife and I only got one day. We will hopefully make it up soon, were thinking Hawaii. Anywho? My wife and I were big fans of you when you were on AOTS. We are wondering what you are going to do when you return to the states? TAKE YOUR OLD JOB BACK PLZ... we stopped watching AOTS after you left.


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I agree that it is a serious bummer that Sarah had her HD camcorder stolen 2 days before coming home. If there is some good news, at least it didn't happen on the 2nd day of a year-long around the world trip.

Sarah, we will be glad to have you and B home again. I hope you will continue to find time to allow us a glimpse of your daily life once you guys return to the "reality" of the working world.


oh nooooes... I was hoping for a final "we're home" episode =[


As your guys' adventure comes to an end I just thought I'd let you know that the constant updates of your trip around the world kept me incredibly entertained throughout multiple courses here at Devry of Fremont that should have been taught back in high school. Thanks for letting me keep my sanity.

Oh, and don't even contemplate taking your job at G4 back if it's offered. You guys got out at the most oppurtune time. That channel is a festering heap of recycled trash from the late 90's and early 2000's now. AOTS is a mere shell of what it used to be...but then again, from the start AOTS was just a mere shell of what the Screensavers was back in the day.



Sarah, I only vaguely know about you and your dearest because I killed my TV a few years back, but discovering your blog and the story of your trip is very exciting! I'm planning a two month trip into Mexico soon, so I will be combing your blog for ideas and hints.

I'm really big on low budget travel for a variety of reasons. One, I'm not rich. Two, the cheaper you can travel, the longer you can travel. Third, and perhaps most importantly, I believe one gets a much better sense of a place and its people when one is living modestly, eating the food the locals eat, taking the same transportation, staying in the same inns and hotels, etc. Traveling poor is a much richer experience!

Lastly, I wanted to ask you about BA. You said it was a good place to live for a month. Do you think you could have happily stayed there for longer? Granted, you were at the end of a long trip, but if you had been fresh, could you see yourself living there for six months? A year? What was your sense of the cultural life of the city?



Hye Sarah,

We've been travelling the world in 2006 too! What a wonderfull discovery your blog is... oh my god! It all comes back!

You're definitely in our favorites list now.

Thanks for your stories and keep on writing!

Your Belgian fans
Jeroen and Evy

Dave Greiman

Nice person touch on your write up. I've visited Argentina on some of my missionary work and feel your overview is accurate.

Dave Greiman

Nice person touch on your write up. I've visited Argentina on some of my missionary work and feel your overview is accurate.

Sydney hotels

Excellent review about Buenos Aires.Even though i have never been there,but your post gave me a picturesque description of Buenos Aires.


Hey, last year I went to Argentina and really enjoyed it. People there are so passionate about Tango and Soccer. It was amazing. I also stayed in an apartment in buenos aires which was great since it was near all the tourist attractions.
I had the best of times!

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