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February 06, 2007



Well I dunno about anybody else, but later on I am SO gonna AB that Sarah warming up to get on a camel thing.

But seriously, funniest podcast yet.


Awesome podcast, Sarah. Thank you so much! I hope your trip back to the western hemisphere goes smoothly.


Yeah. Good podcast. Topless thing...good idea. haha. jk.


It's been great guys, following you around. Can't wait to see Brazil.


i don't see episode 14 on itunes. what gives?


never mind. It's downloading now. I guess it just took a little while

Rev Jason

That boat cruise looked nice. also that looked like a great job.

Walter C.

Not trying to gas you up but your podcasts are better than most of the shows on television. At the end of every episode I think damn its just you two putting this ish together?


What was the music you used during the boat trip bit? It soothed the cockles of my heart.

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