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February 24, 2007



It's true. My dad saw Iguacu when he was a kid, and when we saw Niagara a few years ago, he was mightily disappointed. He looked it up when we got home, and Iguacu is FIVE TIMES taller.

Have you had feijoada yet?


Would you have taken $5.00 for Brandon???????
I thought that was cute,poor Brandon :-)

Text Pirate

Next time you're in a pickpocket heavy street party bring a couple of one time use cameras. Sure, the pictures aren't as good but you get something and you're not out much cash if it gets lifted.


Sounds a lot like Mardi Gras in good old New Orleans.


Where are the Oscar commnets? :) Hope you were able to catch them where you were. I thought for sure you would have an entry on the Academy Awards as you always do, Sarah!!

Leslie Marsh

Hi great stuff, and THANK YOU, for putting the pictures back in, with the writing, because when you are talking about some thing and then show a picture, it all comes together better. thanks again, I injoy all your writting.


Thanks for another great update! I don't know why you didn't sell Brendan to those gentlemen. They look trustworthy to me. ;-) By the way, I looooooove the new site design.


I looove your Nana shirts, you guys are priceless! :) Glad ya had so much fun!


Followed you since the Tech TV days and am glad. This site is so funny! Tell Brendan to update his site more often and that Lou Piniella is already on some of the Cubs players ass' lol.


The Nana t-shirt is for the band "chiclete com banana". They are simply the best! You lucky guys have experienced the best of brazilian music! No wonder you have enjoyed carnival...

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