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December 23, 2006



Looking forward to episode 12. Right now though, it's not available either here on the site or on itunes.Sat.12/23 12:30am eastern


12/24 12:30am eastern

Lee Bennett

You need to lose the captial P's in the "Watch" URL above. They'll 404 if they're not lower case.


Heh - "Is that anybody's cow?" It's a public cow!


nope, it's not on itunes. sun 12/24. It's christmas eve and I have to say, I'm a little dissappointed.

Walter C.

Well I was able to get it from itunes yesterday with no problem. Good show Mrs M and Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Merry Christmas Sarah and B!!!


Wierd. On my laptop with Itunes it downloaded the podcast fine while on my desktop when I go into Itunes it says there is an error in the feed. Wierd.


I went and deleted the feed in Itunes on my desktop and resubscribed and it found Episode 12.


just to note, it's up and everything on itunes, so it's all good. but every episode, excluding number twelve, is up twice on my itunes. like say i had downlaoded episode 7 already. there's another one there next to the one i downloaded, along witht he same for everyt other ep. probably has to do with sarah's iweb troubles and feedburner garbage. nothing major but just thought i'd point it out.

merry christmas everyone and happy holidays.


Wishing you and Brendan Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year!!!! This episode was great!

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