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November 01, 2006



I loved this episode it was very funny.I really hate that you got molested by a


I'm jealous....I mean, you get to go to Chicago!


hmm, the monkeys didnt go for brendan's banana..hahahaa no?


I don't mind the photos being behind since I loooove reading along with your blog and looking at the photos then. Whenever you have a new story to post just post the pics along with it! For me, anyway, the video podcast is its own separate entity. And I thoroughly enjoy both, thank you so much!!


Yay, finally a new episode. Looked like a lot fun at the temples.


Hooray! It was great, the U.S. hasn't been the same without you all. Brendan and Sarah are the best! (I'm not an obsessive fan, I swear) You guys really are too cute for words though. =)

P.S. Sarah, you don't look a day over 20!


The facial hair looks good on Brendan. Makes him look mature, even if he doesn't act that way! *smile* While in Chicago, be aware that some of the train stations have been closed for repairs, and such, so be aware of where you are! It's gotten easier to get lost here.


This episode still hangs up early on in the video.

I can't seem to make it work...

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