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November 24, 2006



This happened to me too over this summer... I talked to an Apple rep about it and basically you can't get all that hard work back, unless you have it backed up. He said it could be due to some corrupt fonts that weren't made to go with the template I was using... bummer.

Good luck figuring it out though. I wish I remember what else he told me. Basically though, I had to start over from scratch.


it sure looks like the only way out after losing the "Domain file" is to create a new one for the site and cut/paste from your pages online into new pages you make in iWeb. ouch Apple!

Dan Reeves

I can go to and look at the source page by right clicking and choosing 'view source'. Is that the info you need?

Unless its something to do with a registry key, I would think that file would be able to be extracted with some kind of program like the FBI use to gain access to files on 'destroyed' hard drives. Just a suggestion.


Hi Sarah,

I wish I had better news for you, but unfortunately, there is currently no way to recreate your Domain file from the files you created. (Hmm, sounds like a possible new feature that could be introduced at Macworld Expo in January, huh?)

Perhaps you can open the files in a HTML editor? I know it's not ideal, nor is it an easy way to publish, and you need to know HTML. But it might but a possible workaround until you have time to come up with a real alternative plan. (Like wait until January when the new iLife is released. BTW, I don't actually know if Apple will do this; I'm starting a rumor. But it makes sense that they would do it, since it's been an issue since iLife '06 was released.)

Mozilla has a free HTML editor in Sea Monkey. It's not as WYSIWYG as iWeb, but it's a place to start. BTW, Sea Monkey is actually a Web browser, HTML editor, and email client in one. Mozilla doesn't provide the editor separately.

Sea Monkey:

I'll poke around and see if anyone has come up with a li'l utility to fix this iWeb problem. It sounds like a fix someone should've addressed.


On the plus side, now that you're in India the customer service call should be a local call !!
But seriously, good luck and I hope you find a solution.


Get rid of the Mac and get a real computer.

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