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September 02, 2006




Please get Brandon some fiber. He didn't look to good on this last episode.


Did you really call Brendan a "Bitch"? That was pretty funny. I'll bet you had at least 25+ the next hour on the beach too, trying to sell you some more items. :-)

How was the "weed"?


Finally a post, I thought you two were dead.


Your husband owes us all a big explanation for that pink tank top.


Good episode. Makes me want to go there. BTW, tip on the sellers... guns.


Hmm I figure that is about one every 2 seconds on average seller visits..but you can always have some Great "Weed tea" to smoothe things out..


Will watch, cant now though. The compuer here wont play the format.



finally sarah says a bad word awsome great podcast Brendan looks like david pregar with the whole gotee thing so I was looking on the net for music vids and I came across this:
cats baby and lots of them


Wow! Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing.


Hey Sarah, just wanted to say lookin' great with the brown hair! And yeah... what's up with Brendan's shirt? Good luck up the river!


Thank you guys. I am planning to go to take a two country trip next year. My first stop is Japan but now that I have seen Laos that may be my second country. How can you beat $7 for a room with a double bed and a bathroom?

One room at a Motel 6-$42.99
One room in Laos-$7
Getting 25 sales pitches on a Vietnamese beach-Priceless


Orange is the new black in Laos.
Didn't anyone tell you??

Doctor B.

Wonderful photos!! Excellent narratives!! Attack of the Show has hit a new low....the old days are gone...Perhaps you guys can re-create the "Screensavers" someday!!??
Married life suits you all, you both look VERY healthy....Brunette suits Sarah, but we like the blonde days too--- Peace to you guys!
More later-- Dr. B in Chapel Hill


Thank the Gods, I thought you two were dead. Seriously, I ran a google news search for "american+couple+Laos+beheaded." Amazing podcast, as always. Brendan looked a little strung out, though. Too much garlic bread weed? Even after ten episodes, I still can't believe how much effort you two put into keeping all us fans up to date. Thank you!!!!


Great as always Sarah. Keep it up!


Nice podcast. Its been a long time since you posted a blog. Alright have a safe trip into the "uncharted region".



Great Job! I started listening at your 2nd podcast & I always look forward to the next one.

It's obvious you guys were having a great time in Laos. Keep us wanna-be-world-travelers posted.


You need to get a extra small halfway-cut-off Diggnation T-Shirt and start taking pictures of all the places you have been. Kevin would love it!


Glad to see you found my friend, or at least his work. he made the pink buddha. incase you didn't get to find this out,from what he told me the pink paint is the last coat that goes on before the gold leaf and it increases the reflective properties of the gold. hope you're enjoying luang prabang, its my favorite place on earth.


Erm, I hope you guys haven't been killed in the coup.

Kevin (not that one)

I hope that you and B are not in Thailand right now as it looks like there is a coup attempt going on. CNN is reporting tanks in the streets of Bangkok.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.


Hi guys, great shoots on Vietnam, great video. Been there also, like Borat says
.. N I C E ..

Plastic Man in Chapel Hill

Now than Amber has left the Call For Help (Canada) program, you might contact Leo Laporte as they are looking for an Associate Producer, etc., I think you and Brendan could hire on there and bring back some of the good old Screensaver/Call For Help Days!!
Oh well, just a though----

Peace from Chapel Hill, NC

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