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August 15, 2006



wow that was great me and my boyfriend enjoyed it can't wait for the next and as always Good luck on your trip


Good luck on your trip! Very fun watching you guys do crazy stuff, haha.


Hey nice podcast. Sarah don't go munchin on Breandn's rock now. Well, I hope you have a safe and nice trip. You should have bought a Nintendo DS lite to pass the time haha. Alright can't wait until your next podcast.


Hey S, While your in china try and find an apple store. There is deff one in shibuya. the can help you. if you can speak japniese. lol

bb the cat.


Yep, I'll most definitely watch it.


James Faulkner

Hey Sara are you and brendan going to try to see Snakes on a Plane where ever you are in the world. Let us know in your next post. Have a great time.

James Faulkner


My god, that was funny. Good stuff, B&S...


I am glad I found your guy's sweet little corner of the internet. I gotta tell ya, AOTS has not been the same since you guys have left. I am sure I am not the only person that misses you. But I do enjoy your podcasts! They are very enjoyable. Please keep them going once your trip is over. You gotta keep letting the fans have there Moran-fix. Keep up the awesome work and keep having fun!

Tempe, AZ

Hi Sarah - It was great! I loved all of it (especially day 2 :)).


that episode had me rolling laughing. very good stuff. its neat to see all of the unusal places like siberia and mongolia. now i know people sell rocks over there, and american tourists buy them. what kind of rock was that anyway?


So which was your personal favorite day on the train. Do you still have the rock? I need more podcasts from your guys even more than I need more cowbell. Rock on!

Mystery meat in china is very adventurous!


Aww, I just love you guys! :) You both looked pretty good for not showering after 6 days!



Watching you guys on this trip has been pretty cool, after you guys left AOTS I pretty much stopped watching on a daily basis. I look forward to w/e comes next. Do you guys know what you are doing when you come back the U.S.? I doubt you'd come back to AOTS but that would make my day, or week, or year, or make me extremly happy!


To quote the comic book guy on the Simpsons, BEST. EPISODE. EVER. Seriously, you two belong on the travel channel. Thank you so much for making these fantastic podcasts.



I very much enjoy reading and looking at the pictures from your big adventure. I have been a fan since I first saw you on TV back in the Leo Laporte days.



S & B I've been enjoying the blog and podcast since you started it. Keep up the great work. I looks like you two are enjoying yourselves.



I am so jealous. fyi..bonds has hit homerun #725. AOTS is NOT the same without you.


Hey Mr & Mrs' Moran im craving another update, its still a hard adjustment from seeing you guys everyday during the week, to every few weeks. but keep the post comming cause i love you guys. ps AOTS is really really bad without you guys....olivia trys, but she is no where near the cool level of sarah. and kevins ego has multplyed by a billion. anyway cant wait till next post ~philly


Waiting for updates! Keep it up, I love looking at your pictures. Brings back memories from my own trip... Hope to meet you guys in person someday... I'll bet you have tons of stories you haven't written about!


Herro ?


Gosh, I hope you guys are okay. Love reading your updates. Can't wait for the next one.

Wish you well....


You used the 1up Yours radio podcast intro music. My two fav things coming together.

I would never spend 6 days on a train. I can't believe you made it through with no showers. BARF!


Has Brendan forgotten how to write? More, more ... your envious fans (of the blog -- to be honest, I've never seen your show) want more!

Seriously tho -- my best wishes to you for inspiring travels.


Hi Sarah&Brendan - I meant to say that I love your sense of humor and how you edited all the video with the music. Thanks for the update. I hope that you're having fun.

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