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August 11, 2006



Don't I always post my comments? Man, I hate not having the interent at home! I'll download it now, but I'll have to watch it when I get home. I'm sure it'll be great. Are you almost ready to give us your China Blog?



It fell like it's been forever since episode 6!

Thanx, truly appreciated.

Yuma Billy

You should be a blonde, But looks like the fun is still going great. Have a great time and keep the podcasts coming.


Hey Sarah,

I opened up itunes last night, and screamed like a little girl when I saw your new episode downloading. If anyone besides my cat had seen me, I would've been humiliated. Fortunately, widdle Clarky Malarchy is a huge Sarah Moran fan too. So he understood.



Hi Sarah,
I love it! Thanks so much!


Hey Sarah. Looks like your having fun. You should try Mcdonalds its very.....fake. And in today's world Fake is Good =)....except in Lindsey in her...anyway I like your hair and have a fun and SAFE trip. Can't wait until your next podcast.

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