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August 30, 2006



So, here's how I ended up at this blog: I'm channel surfing with my brother, jumping between "Mythbusters", "Ham On The Street(FoodTV)", and "X-Play". The discussion went from Adam Sessler's B-day episode to past "The Screen Savers" episodes/hosts to Brendan Moran. It came up that my brother did not know that you, formerly-known-as Ms. Sarah Lane, had married said Mr. Moran. To prove it to my brother, we wiki-ed your name and boom! Sarah Lane is no more. In her stead, Mrs. Sarah Moran, 1/2 The Traveling Morans. A click later and I'm reading about a trip through Vietnam, my parents' home country. Including the pics from my parents' recent trip there, your pics blew my mind. A few more clicks and I found the podcasts you two were making. I have to admit that after hearing and seeing your cheerful voice and face on Episode 6(Russia. It Ain't Turkey.), you've stolen my heart yet again Ms. Lane(sorry, Mrs. Moran). Rest assured, I will be subscribing to the vidcast. I wish you two a safe return, and Brendan Moran is one lucky S.O.B.


Ha Ha... Sara is a true Geek!! "Hangin out in the lobby lookin for wifi" aww yer not alone there, I would be too :)


This is my favorite place so far. Keep it up!


I understand that free wifi deal, I'm always hanging around this cofee place we have in town. They think I'm boring too. You guys got lucky, two out of three beaches you had to yourselves. The beaches I go to, FL and CA, are always so dirty and full of people. Plus the water is never too clean.

I found out I'll be going to Europe this summer. Me and a group of friends will go to Paris, London, Berlin, etc. It should be awesome. I'm gonna have to get a good camera like you guys.

Keep looking for the hotspots so you can keep us updated. I'm off to Brendan's blog to find out if he's updated.


Rev Jason

cool pictures Sarah and I thought Huff was a Showtime production.


Jeez how does Sarah manage to continue to look so beautiful in every single picture. Months of traveling and yet she looks pretty as ever!

Lucky Brendan.


to Rev Jason HBO owns showtime so in asia all they get is HBO and to sarah those are some sweet looking pictures as a photographer I must say that is some of the best quality I've seen in a while I'll be wait for your next post cheers


The Jungle Beach looked so awesome. The blogs just keep getting better and better :)


I'm glad I have at least one friend


My friend?: that is so sweet.( A better expression)


My new hubby and I are off to Hawaii on Tuesday for our honeymoon (it's not 13 months long, sadly) and now I find myself wishing we had booked a trip to Jungle Beach instead! :) Those pictures were lovely. Wish I could've seen the baby monkey too!


I'm wondering what Brendan thinks of the "B" nickname. My wife used to call me Joe-Bee, and I thought it was cute for almost two whole days. Anyway, I hope that 30 hour (!) bus ride goes well. Wallace and Gromit is on HBO again, so I gotta go.


I just know it must be nagging away ... that would be a troop of monkeys!

Keep up the insightful and entertaining commentary. You've ascended to must_read status : )


I was at the same places two years ago and reading your post brought back a lot of fond memories. Too bad about the weather in Dalat. It's a really nice town and is known among the locals as the honeymooner's town. There's even a place called Lover's Valley, which has beautiful waterfalls. Best of luck in the rest of your travels.


Does anyone know if Sarah has mentioned what kind of camera she uses to take these wonderful pics that she's been taking on this adventure?

25 Cent

Jungle Beach looks beautiful! I've never been outside the United States. I'm so jealous! I wonder how hard it is not understanding almost everyone? It really is great that you two have taken the time to travel the world! Will you two come back to the attack of the show when you are done? The AOTS fans miss you both! Enjoy your trip, and always love each other! ~Rob~


the monkeys have been identified

Black Shank Douc Langurs
"Pigathrix nigripes"
the huts now have elctricity for fans and lights
life is still great at JB

nice write up thanx


Your travel blogs are like putting the numbers into the computer on LOST. The world's safety is in YOUR hands...

P.S. - I love catching up with the entries late at night on the laptap while laying in bed. They just keep getting better and better, keep them coming!

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