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You must teach me the art of this so called "longhand". I heard it was used by my parents, it must have been difficult. It's strange, Sarah has allergy problems with Mongolian Dust but not with cats, I guess she got lucky. Happy two month travel anniversary, I hope the anniversarys continue. Best wishes.



Awww, I've never understood men and bathrooms - how can one sit in there for so long "reading"?? :)


You guys are inspiring me to travel!! Although I'd probably start off traveling the USA first and then take the big plunge and travel the world! :) Great job on the site Brendan and Sarah.


Excellent post, Brendan. The train ride sounds like quite an ordeal, but it sounds like you're taking it in good humor. Happy travels!


Well if i ever hear another person complain about a LONG greyhound bus ride,ill direct them here.Its good that you guys can finally relax off a constant moving enviornment.i cant imagine how cramped the space is along with other people in the dine car crammed in there.Im glad you guys made it though.Till next post.


Aimee Self

Hello Brendan and Sarah.
I´ll start off saying you don´´t know me, but I found your podcast on the internet and I´ve been watching it closely as you two are doing what me and my partner would love to do.
My question is however, why have you stopped publishing podcasts? The last one I saw was you two on your way to St.Petersburg.. Am I just very impatient or ?
Keep up the good work and have a great trip!


Hey guys,

I've never done the train east out of Moscow, but I did the Moscow to Minsk line quite a few times. One thing I always found was a bit of disorientation during the ride, especially in the summer when the sun was up for about 21 hours a day. Anyway, it looks like it's a lot worse when you go east, since somehow you managed to make it to 8/10 in your journal and posted it on 8/2. :D
Love the blogs and the podcast, very enjoyable.


Hey Brendan,

My wife and I once took a train from Albany, NY to Disney World, and it was the worst 28 hours of our conjoined lives. I don't know how you made it six days. You are a far, far stronger man than I. Anyway, thanks for keeping us up to date.


This entry felt like it should be made into a movie and sent to Sundance. You start out in the present and then relapsed to what has happened to lead to where you are now. It never gets old like that baby, we're always on our toes.


I love watching, and reading about your travels. You two have some good chemistry. And Brendan... i hope the bowels move. :)

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