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Hey Brendan, thanks for the update. How did you know what balls tasted like? Never mind, I don't wanna know. That last pic of you with the shades is badass. Put a toothpick in your mouth, and you could pass for Stallone in Cobra.


If you need help ordering food when you can't read the menu.

A good trick is to go to a busier place, and watch what others order. Then point at other people's food for what you want.

Kinda like a make-shift buffet!



I was wondering when the train was gonna stop a rollin', that's all I've see for the last two weeks. The beach must have been the best part, that traffic sounds horrible. It seems Sarah's been wanting to cry alot, doesn't sound like much fun. The hair part was funny, it's hard enough to tell an american here how I want my hair cut, but telling someone who doesn't speak english, wow. I wish you two the best of luck.



I know how Sarah fills. I got my hair cut the other day and I hate it , but the bad thing is, is that it looks like the picture I picked out, but I don't look like the girl in the picture.


nice update thanks for keepin it real


Podcasts are great, guys.

I need that deserted beach right now, like you wouldn't believe.


I wanna see a picture of Sarah's haircut after that lovely detailed description of the horror she went through! :)

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