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Monday, October 27, 2008

"Look Ma, I'm a Free Agent", A Short Story by Sarah Lane

As of today, I no longer work for Revision3. Something about the "economic downturn"? Have you heard anything about this? I've been looking it up all morning but Google searches are coming up empty. Hardy har.

Anyway, a few things:

1. I won't be co-hosting The Digg Reel this week after all. Too bad, because I was looking forward to it. My apologies to everyone who was set to tune in after I promoted it on TWiT yesterday.

2. popSiren has been canceled. I'm going to try not to get too sappy about it, although those who've watched me on TV over the years know that I have a history of crying. :) I do want to quickly thank some of the folks who made it one of the best experiences of my career: Heather Frank, Moujan Z: Twitter Hater, Mauricio Balvanera, Josh Villegas, Brett Putman and the studio crew, Jessica Corbin, Dr. Kiki Sanford, Neha Tiwari, Eden Soto, our fabulous interns (with extra special thanks to Kelly Sutton and Jeff Zimmerlin), the Revision3 production, web, tech, and sales teams, and anybody else that I ungraciously and inadvertently left out. I owe you all a drink - except Moujan, whose self-destructive latte habit I will no longer support. Also thanks to Martin Sargent and Jay Speiden for making the Cul De Sac a delightfully inappropriate place to occupy a cube.

3. Revision3 has been a wonderful experience. As always, life goes on. I'm not sure what I'm going to do next, but if you have any ideas, let me know (unless it involves anything topless or circus-related... been there done that).

Here's my LinkedIn profile, my Twitter feed, and I promise to be extra-active on my variety of other social networks (under FriendFeed Links down the right-hand column of this page).

And she lived happily ever after.

The End.

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Adam Jackson

Sarah, I loved Pop Siren and Tweet-Beat on Internet Superstar. The only shows I watched on Rev3 are now canceled. I'll cry for you.

You're so talented and can do anything. I don't have to tell you that but sometimes it helps from an outside party. Rock on and if you, your husband and Martin want to grab drinks this week let me know.

Keep us updated with your next move.



So sorry Sarah. I finally have something in common with you though, since I'm not gorgeous, or a girl.... I'm sure that will brighten your day.

Good luck, you're gonna land with your feet on the ground, I promise!


That's Terrible! I've been watching shows that you, Leo, Kevin, Patrick, and Martin Sargent have been on since the old TechTV days. Don't let this get you down and keep creating awesome content!

You were great on TWiT yesterday btw.

Mauricio Balvanera

This is not happening Sarah, pinch me. Slap me. Shake me violently. :(

Mauricio Pina

Aw, I'm sure you will be fine. Good luck with your future projects! :)


So sorry to hear about the layoff. Keep your chin up. You have a lot of fans out here on the internet.


I tweeted about this already, but I wish you the best. I know that wherever you'll end up next you'll do an amazing job. I would try to help you out with my Linked In network, but sadly I only have a network consisting of topless circus people.


Sarah, this absolutely breaks my heart :'( I LOVED popsiren! You'd better believe I and countless others will make a point of keeping tabs on you and supporting whatever venture you find yourself involved in next! Keep blogging, keep smiling and best of luck for a bright future.

Trevor Smith

It's a gloomy day on Potrero Hill today. You did a fantastic job with PopSiren and I enjoyed being a weekly viewer. Business is business, but this one's hard to justify. Best of luck in your future endeavors! We look forward to seeing your success elsewhere in the near future. Stay well.


Awww, Sarah....

I will miss PopSiren, but I'm sure that you will find something even better (in the long run) for yourself... You don't seem to stay out of the picture for too long, and that's a good thing!!

Upside-- now you can hook up with Leo to host stuff with him, right? Trust me, get many more viewers with you behind that desk than Leo...

Keep your head up, and be proud.

Jimmy Blocksom

I'm sorry :*( I just watched Digg Reel last night with you two and was looking forward to you guys hosting again possibly.

I just started getting into Pop Siren too, best of luck with everything though, this really sucks.

- Jimmy


Sorry to hear that. I am a guy and I loved popSiren. It always sucks when you lose your job. It always comes from nowhere, you wake up have a great start to the day and then boom all gone and you have a hole in your heart from the loss of a job you love. I lost 4 in the span of less than a year. It sucks. I hope it all goes ok for you. You seem talented so I doubt you will be un-employed for long.

Dave Amirault

Sarah, sorry to hear. No doubt you'll score a job somewhere else with your talents!


Wow... just wow. Sorry to hear. Nobody is safe right now. I'm sure you'll pick yourself up. Good luck!


I hope this is a joke!
but seems like it isn't
damn this sucks. popSiren was something i looked forward to every week.
I don't have much else to say but good luck in the future. it shouldn't be too hard for you to get another job.

Bruno Daniele

Shit!!! I'll miss my daily bites. I'm a brazilian fan, and the world will miss you. Until you come back from the ashes (with your cats of course).


You are soooo talented! Can't wait to see your next project! :)


Wow! That totally caught me off guard when I saw your tweet. I thought you were joking or posting about someone else who lost their job. It's disappointing that Rev3 let you go. I was a fan of PS.

I wish I could help, but I'm not sure you're looking to join the ranks of educational technology in Illinois. I wish you the best of luck on your opportunity search!

Ryan Merket


Sorry to hear that. Keep your head up, there is always work for talented people like yourself.


That's too bad Sarah, I really liked you on their shows. Best of luck and keep us informed with what you do.

P.S. I think you should give more thought into the topless circus ;)


Man, I just heard about this a couple minutes ago. Sucks that popSiren is gone. And the guest spot on the Digg Reel. And the... wow, I'm just making this worse. Well, good luck and take care. I'm still gonna follow you on twitter, so hopefully, you post whatever you're doing next when you know what it is.


This is really sad! Was anyone else let go?? Good luck, Sarah. I'll miss yoooouu on popSiren! <3333


Wow. That really stinks. Nothing can prepare you for leaving a job suddenly, except for perhaps what you leave voluntarily.

Best of luck to you. If you're interested in doing some stuff for SAP let me know...I'll see if I can pull some strings. :-)

Eric B.

Well thats crap! Why are they getting rid of the better shows and keeping crap like xlr8tv (or whatever its called) and hak5? GigaOhm? Psssh. Crap Crap Crap. I think you are a tremendous talent and it will be sad to see you go. I think you and Neha need to team up on a new project. IMO you 2 were the best female talents Rev3 had and its their loss. Rev3 cancelled 3 of my 5 Rev3 subscriptions. I discovered so much music and artists on PopSiren and EpicFu. Now what do I do. Booooooooo to Rev3. I guarantee you will find work very soon. Please keep us updated on your Twitter feed.


My friend just called me about all the shows - and when I heard about Pop Siren - my first thought was - they better have kept Sarah Lane. Alas, I opened my computer and your tweet was my first one. :'( I don't know why I'm writing this all - but for some reason it just makes me feel pretty sad so......*hug*


Sarah, I'm sorry to hear your news. I very confident that it won't take long for someone to take notice and hire you.

If I didn't live on the opposite corner of the country, I'd offer a hug.


But... but I was just listening to you talk about Revision 3 on twit this morning! :(

I will miss Pop Siren, but you're friggin Sarah Lane! So I'm sure you will find another opportunity soon (or make one of your own,even!). But until then, I wish you luck!



You will be missed at Rev3. But Look forward to seeing where you land next. Keep up the Videos here. They are awesome!


Oh wow, that really sucks.. for everyone. For you, for your viewers/fans..

I'd totally give you a job. But unfortunately I'm only 18... *sigh*

I hope you find something soon, I know I'll be watching your blog/twitter to stay up to date with all of this.

Good luck!


That SUCKS. :(

The Frogman

PopSiren and Pixel Perfect were the only two shows I watched on Rev3. It's not fair. It's going to suck not seeing you every week. If you get bored or lonely, head over to the TWiT army (army.twit.tv) and we'll keep you company. Keep your chin up Ms. Lane, The Frogman is rooting for ya.

Dang, when Leo posted on his twitter about Rev 3, I was hoping that Pop Siren was not going to get cut.. sure enough it did. Best wishes, I hope they reconsider. That was one of Rev 3's best shows, along with epic fu..

I assumed you would still work with the company, they lost a great asset letting you go. I hope you do greater and better things.

Good Luck


Shit. I'm sorry.

Chuck (chuckiej)

I'm so sad Sarah. You've done awesome at all you've done and can't wait to see what you do next. Sure there were some of us guys who watched PopSiren from time to time but it seemed best aimed at young women looking to get into web, tech, and science. With the growth of young women in those areas it seemed like a great show to have even if the audience wasn't huge yet.

Best of luck and I'll be praying for you.

*Goes to watch the INXS lipdub for the umpteenth time*

steve (optionshiftk)

Sarah, I am extremely sad to see this happen. Pop Siren and other shows you produced were top-notch productions and very well done. I guess Rev3 had to do this due to the economy, but it is still a harsh thing to do, especially without earlier notice. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.


Terribly sorry to hear that, you were a great part of the team surely.
Also, I hope you stole some of their pens before you left.. That's, probably the best revenge I can ever think of.


Rev 3 is surely going to miss some traffic because of you. Without trying to sound so sappy and repetitive sorry to hear. Ever since AOTS I've been enjoying your work and was sad when you and Brandon had left now I can't even get my fix on the web. I sure hope you stay active on the social sites your one of the few that bothers to still chat with commenters. I still remember being banned by KP on AOTS and you not allowing him to tell you why!

Jeff Garlick


I was SHOCKED and saddened to read about the layoffs at REV3 and my first thought was, "PLEASE don't let one of the sacked be Sarah!

I'm SO sorry to read that you were, indeed, dropped - You were the reason I started watching REV3 in the first place and I can't imagine the site without you! Your programming and your on camera skills were second to NONE and with you gone, I just can't see the thing lasting much longer which is sad but MOSTLY because you lost your job! You have my email address from the information that I've left here for approval and we've corresponded before; if there is ANYTHING that I can do to help you or you just need some moral (and immoral! :) lol!) support PLEASE don't hesitate!

The web is a darker place today because you're not programming REV3. :(



So very sorry! This is terrible news. As a fan, I felt lost with all the changes of G4 buying out TechTV and then you (& crew) gradually leaving TSS. But my sense of joy was renewed with Revision3 and the Traveling Morans, and then ultimately PopSirens.

This economic situation has left me jobless as well....and now it has f&*ked up one of the few pleasures in my life! I'm annouceing war on wall street and washington, NOW!

Best wishes Sarah. Always a devoted fan!


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
-Mark Twain


Just realized it said not circus or topless related... I can See Munn doing such things, but you, well I guess nerdy girls are always a bit more wild than ever portrayed!


rev3 is going off the rails if they can let a cool show like popSiren go... not to mention Internet Superstar and Pixel perfect... unreal.

I'll be following your blog... I know your next thing will be even cooler. Good luck!

Chris Luckhardt

Wow, that's quite a surprise Sarah. I think in a lot of people's eyes you were one of the foundations of Revision3's crew, considering your history at TechTV. Things must be really shaky over at Revision3 for them to cut someone of your multi-talented calibre.

Best of luck on your next adventure!


I wish you all the luck and my thoughts are with you all. I am sure you will all be fine. Keep us posted on where we can find you next.


You were a great host, and it's sad to see PopSiren disappear. As much as I'll miss watching you and the show, I can't wait to see what you'll do next. Good luck, and remember that your fans love you (in a non-creepy way) and will support you wherever you go :)

Dustin Holden

Wow this sucks Sarah.. You will be missed, you was on TechTV and you will be missed on Revision3 too... I was hoping this wasn't true but it seems like it is. Popsiren was a great show and was always great. This is a very sad day. I was listening to TWiT lastnight and you seemed sooo happy..


Really sad to see you go, Sarah.

I loved your quirky, happy-go-lucky personality that really made popSiren shine. :[

I'll be following your blog and your Twitter feed to see how things treat you in the long run. I wish you good luck in whatever you choose to do in the future.


Sorry to hear this, but am confident you'll go on to great things!

Joseph Pierandozzi

You should totally marry one of your popSiren co-hosts and then travel the world and leave Kevin in charge of the show and...wait...

I think I'm a bit confused.

Anyway, the topless circus isn't hiring right now, so maybe Starbucks?


Aaron Spriggs

I'm so sorry! I've been following you and everybody else from TechTV ever since it went under and I've always loved the stuff you guys have done.

I was completely shocked to hear that layoffs were happening. I'll definitely keep my eye out for what goes down, but I can't imagine that somebody wouldn't snatch up your talent and great personality in a heartbeat.

Best wishes,
Aaron Spriggs

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