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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Countdown to Armageddon

Hey friends,

It's official.. Thursday is my last day on Attack of the Show! So you better get your fill of me the next three days before I ride off into the sunset...

Thanks for all the incredibly supportive feedback. Don't worry peeps, I'm not really going anywhere. Well actually, yes I am. But! I'll be sharing my world trip with all of you through video, photograph, and print. It's going to be sooooo much fun!

Itinerary details coming soon.


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Congratulations and the best of luck in the future. I've been a fan since back in the olden TechTV days. Bon Chance on your new adventures!



Hey Sarah,

I didn't say this in the previous message so I'll say it now.

Congrats and I hope the very best to the both of you. It was great meeting you back in San Francisco.

Enjoy life -- look's like you're already on a good start.



I'm glad all traces of techtv will now be gone from g4.

I always liked Brendan. He was a riot on fresh gear with the 'don't buy this segments'. Unfortunately, G4 never took advantage of his talent and mostly had him around as a pretty-boy couch warmer.

I hope Brendan know's what he is getting into. Guys can made rash decisions when around hot chicks. In any case, all the best!

Steve aka Captain Smee

It will be sad to see you leave Attack of the Show of course, you're one of the mainstays, one of the stars, one of the original members. I've made and am wearing black armbands for the next 3 days to mourn you and Brendan's departure. But, you're opportunity to move on has come and I understand.

Just, wanted to wish you and Brendan the best of luck again, and can't wait to see all the crazy misadventures you two are up to on the World Tour!

Well, I know I'll cherish these last few days together and can truly say that AOTS won't be the same without you two. AOTS will continue on but it won't ever be as good without you and Brendan there. Brendan is my role model, I know not the best person to choose but it's what I got! "He's the man, Brendan Moran"

Alright, congratulations once again, and best of luck in all your future opportunities. You two will truly be missed.

Jack O'Neill

Well good luck and have fun, Im wondering if your webcam, which of course you won't be needing lol and your website with G4 will be going down once you are done at G4, and which one you will be using to post your fun times on. This one maybe or your pics page?
anyway I sure hope you have a good time and a wonderful life togeather.


Sarah I'm going to miss you and Brendan very much.I didn't think you would be leaving this soon I'm glad I taped last nights show since it was the last Gems of the internet I really liked the bigfoot gem.I hope you continue to work in tv mabey we'll see you again soon on another show.The Feed will never be the same.

Jack O'Neill

Oh by the way love the Countdown to Armageddon
bit lol, it will indeed be Armageddon for G4.


Good Night and good luck!
It Has indeed been a pleasure to see you on TSS. I have always looked foward to your segments. I really hope you have many great moments together.. I wish you the best. You will be missed.



Wishing you& Brendan all the best!


ScreenSavers R.I.P.
Good Luck Sarah!

Jason A

Well Sarah as they,

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Wishing you all the best!

And to my fellow fans of Ms.Lane I say this to you in the less famous words of Joyce Grenfell: "Weep if you must, Parting is hell, But life goes on, So sing as well".


Congrats Sarah. We'll miss you.
Have fun!


Is it Brandans last day also?


SARAH HOW COULD YOU!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!



Matt Brit


Life's full of adventure for the lucky among us. Here's to you embarking on a fabulous new chapter in your life.

May you continue to share that smile and laugh that so many have come to know.

Do post a few words here and there when you can. We'll keep coming back to see you, yes You! : )

Good luck and Bon Voyage...


Well Sarah you said that G4 got replacements for the two of you but I think they should stop the show and the network without you and Brendan there.I love Kevin P. but it will never be the same without you and Brendan.


Kevin Rose net value: $30million
Brendan Moran net value: $6.50/hr

Good choice. Anyway, it sounds like a cute little story for you two and I think AOTS will benefit from a new cast. But I won’t know since I quit watching last year.


You gota announce it on the show, dont leave us hangin. Anyway I think you should get into video podcasting that way your fans can still see you.
<3 u


O and one more thing.I still haven't gotten over Kevin Rose leaving the show.I've watched you and Brendan for way longer than I ever did Kevin your leaving is going to be very hard to get over.I fill like I could cry right now.I would also like to say thanks to you I am thinking about a career in television.I'm just 15 so I want have to decide for a few years but I never really thought about a futer job until aots.So thanks Sarah its been fun and I'll miss you.Please don't stop being on tv I want to see you again just as many other people do.So good luck to the both of you and I hope everything works out.

P.S isn't 13 months a little much who is paying for this?

walter crunkite

Could you clarify something for me? You said that You and BM were leaving the show but Thursday would be your last one? Is Brendan getting the 'Chi-Lan' exit while you get the 'Kevin Rose' goodbye?


I think a podcast would be a good idea.I never really watch podcasts but if you made one I would watch it. Anything you do Sarah I will support it I'm a fan for life.


Sorry to see you go but it is for a good reason, a very good reason. Lots of luck to the two of you from an old TTV fan!


Ryan Alcott

I'll miss seeing you on the show Sarah! I hope you have a great time and I wish you the best of luck. You and Brendan should stop by Michigan so I can buy you guys some beerz! Best wishes. :)



Alex Albret wtf! Kevin Moran ITS BRENDAN MORAN


Sarah, you and Brenden really do have a lot of talent. It really is a shame to see both of you go ... Since the original TSS days, you have brought sooo much to the network. I really do wish you luck (that honeymoon is going to rock) and I hope that you guys have something lined up for when you get back. Remember to let us know!! Have fun, and it truly has been such a great time with you on TV.


Ultra Warrior

WOW. I blink for a second & find out all this. Gonna be sad to watch the show now with you gone. ( & Brendan too? )You always lit up the screen with your joyful personality. Always gave me a smile watching you interact with all the host/co-host changes that have gone on since the merger. I wish you both nothing but good times & great days ahead. I'll miss ya both. I wont say Good-bye but I will quote a line used to say Good-bye in the 'Masters of the Universe' movie. "Good Journey."



Just be sure to post wedding pictures, those will be the best.


Goodbye sweet Sarah,we'll all miss you more than we can ever say. Congratulations on the future with Brendan, I wish the two of you all the joy in the world. G4 is now dead to many of us and probably deserves to be. Enjoy your world travels and watch that bird flu! lol


You killed G4.

Don't worry, it deserved it. ;D

systris - a fan

sarah, say it ain't so!

how can i live without your damn good downloads and gems of the internet! its great that you found love and are getting married and going globetrotting, but why leave the show? why not a leave of absence or something. now, the show will be a sausage fest, until they get some brainless piece of eye candy off of MySpace or something. please tell me that you'll start a podcast or get another media outlet...you totally made TSS/AOTS what it was besides Kevin and Leo. damn...it's a good thing i picked up Suikoden V the other day cause after this week i'll have nothing else to do between 7-8pm EST...also this sucks to hear about this when my birthday's on this friday... :( but enough about my feelings...congrats on getting hitched! and traveling the world

best wishes and good luck in whatever you do!

your fan for life,

systris ;)


sara.......... i know, sarah......... my tivo kicked off this weeks shows.
yes, i know it was only monday that i missed but everyday without you is a lonley day.
BM.......... treat her right or else. i know you will....... dawg, i just cnn't believe that the show is losing it's sex symbol. oh, ok it's not Kevin that's leaving........... phew

that almost made me cry. (tear-sob) ):P

good luck sarah and brendie......... 450 mil...... hmmm sounds like a great story to tell the kids.


Congrats Sarah, we'll miss you, have fun on the honeymoon.Take tons of photos.



It's sad to see the age of "TechTV Vets" truely come to a close. Best of luck, to both of you!

- Wooglin


I just posted a message on the G4 forums, but i knew i should post one here too.

Sarah, your one of the main reasons i've stayed with attack of the show and G4, and your gonna be dearly missed. :(

But Congradulations on getting married to Brendan, i hope he treats you the way you deserve to be treated; i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. ;) ^_^

Have a blast traveling and i look forward to keeping track of your escapades here on your blog and your moblog. :) *hugs*

Fan For Life,

-JJ *blows kiss*

A loyal viewer

It's will be a sad day when you and Brendan depart from AOTS... But, all good things must come to an end - as much as we want them to continue. I wish you and Brendan the very best in life.

Matt Lopez

This is very sad for me to hear. I will truly miss you Ms. Lane.


is sarah leaveing the show for good come back when the honeymoon is over how come she dont co that


*sigh* I will miss you, Armagedon indeed Ms.Lane, Armagedon indeed.


well atleast we will be able to have contact with her and she's not Completely gone.

Mr. Schmoopie

Oh no! I thought I had more time! Time to whip out the TiVo!! You will be missed, Sarah soon-to-be-Moran!


I didn't think this would be their last week but I made my brother tape it for me anyway I'm glad I did now.

Atomic Punk

I miss you already, but you have made my girlfriend much happier!



you are in my heart...


i cant believe you're leaving me...uh i mean us


so what are your plans when you come back??


What are you going to do with all of your cats?!?!?!?

Keith L. Dick

Good Luck Sarah and have fun... :)

Matt Pak

Goodbye, you will be missed...speaking as a fan of ZDTV/Tech TV. I wish you much happiness and contentment.


goodbye sarah. you'll be missed by a lot of people........:)


sad to see you go. i'll remember to catch the podcast.

Dr. Bevin and friends in Chapel Hill, NC

Congratulatons!! We have missed you in many ways since the good old San Fransisco days, and checked you on the horrid AOTS as often as possible--- usually for only the intro where could at least hear The Feed...the rest of the show was entirely out of it. No technical stuff with which you were formerly so expert at.....Please take our very best wisher for the future! We will check your blog daily when your 13-month journey items are posted.... I hope that you will perhaps find another TV venture in the future so we can see you and benefit from your technical expertise again.....I spent lots of time in the south of India so will look forward to your posts from there??

Peace, Sarah---- Dr. Bevin and fans in Chapel Hill, NC......

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