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Friday, February 18, 2005

Parents Just Don't Understand

Ok, I know I've said it before, but today I mean it: this Microsoft article is the Best Thing Ever. In a very leet sort of way.

Thanks to Ryan for the link!

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Great article.

FINALLY worked out what 1337 means. A computer mag in Australia uses it as part of it's product ranking scheme. For the life of me I couldn't work out what it meant - so obvious !!

Enjoying TSS Sarah. Seems to be getting better.


LOL , cause every one's children is a script kiddie from 1998 right? i dont think 13 year old girls chating about sex on msn are going to be using old school 1337.

'Leet words possibly indicating illegal activity' i think this article is trying to get parents to keep pirated software off their computers that their kids might have put on. The list of words below like 'n00b' wouldnt be seen unless their kid is on Gen[M]ay or some messed up irc channel , in which case they already have problems.



haha thats madd funny


Hehe, you're right about the 13 year old girls Wes'ster. Around 96-2k I was in 'teh' scene and completely engulfed in leetspeakers. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, but if I ever am feeling froggy and decide to chk out a yahoo or aim chat room ... I .. can't ... tell .. W-T-F(!) is goin on in there. The crazy fonts, harlem grammer ... I mean MARONE!! ;)

P.S. Hey Sarah ... cutiepants *muah*


Lol! That's a good article, but pretty useless (to parents, that is). In the chatrooms I've been in, I've rarely encountered any 1337. Ah, the poor parent who has to decypher their child's 13375p33k, I feel for them =P

Evil Bastard

What are you doing working with a long weekend coming up and no live show tonight? Get out and have fun!!


great article!


There are also 1337-5p34k translaters where you can just type it in and it will tell you the translation.

I can't believe I got a fucking cold the day before WonderCon.


Whoever Ryan is, he probably got the link from Avi. Don't you work with the guy?! Hope nothing comes of this.



Gen[M]ay > *.

and btw, repost++


I read more than a few stories in the past couple years claiming a lot of these idiot kids are using these d0rksp33k terms in papers they write for school. And then getting all pissy when they can't comprehend why their teachers gave them a failing grade.


Apparently, Microsoft doesn't understand either.

The article should'v ebeen title "Parents, If Your Kids Talk Like This They Are An Asshat -- Do Something About It".


Both Brandon and that article r0xxorz my b0xxorz. wzerozerot! Ah... good times. So who would that article disgust (induce eye-rolling and exasperated sighs) more: non-1337speakers, or 1337s who actually take themselves and their 1337 ways seriously?


That is really funny. I could picture someone trying at Microsoft to explain this using a lot of "air quotes".

Sean O'Hara

j00 |< @|\||) 7h|_||\||)3r|3!r|) r!73 $@r@.

@|\||) ! \/\/!11 |*@y|*@1 ph!\/3 9|_|@7100$ 2 73h |=|_|r$7 |*3r$0|\| \/\/ho <@|\| 7r@|\|$1@73 7h!$.


You know, anytime I feel bad about my own lack of spelling ability I can at least take comfort in knowing that I actually SPELL THE WORDS OUT WITH REAL LETTERS.

And that makes me feel better.

People talking that way on WOW get my every last nerve.

David Kornahrens

That link must be getting around the net quite fast. I see n it on a forum that I'm found in frequently.


I like that form of typing by mindless kids in forums. I makes it that much easier for me to skip their drivel and move on to real posts. ;-)


Wow.. you are all so cool how you're on your pedestals above everyone else. You're my hero's ;)


writing in haxor text is just weird. i think it's more of just someone leaving a signature.



I think Sean said something like:

You're eye candy. Thunderbird, right Sarah?
I will Paypal five Quatloos to the first person who can translate this.

I'm hungover. Red Bull = Liquid Smarties


Forgot the "And" before "I will".

Laurence Anderson

Now if Microsoft doesn't already make fools of themselves, this takes the cake. If parents were really worried about how their kids type and in what 'language' they should just sit down with them and ask what it's about. One time back a few yrs ago I typed "OMFG" and my mom came in and said does that mean what I think it means, and I said yeah. She was glad that I told her w/o lying. Sorry just my little rant on that pointless thing from the company we all know and (90% of the global computing market) love Microsoft.

Disclaimer: I am a Mac fanatic, wanna fight?


My teenager was shocked to find out that I could read his 'secret' language. His chin hit the floor and he nearly shrieked, "Mom! But you can't be leet." His reaction made me laugh so hard that my eyes were watering!


Hey, awesome site youve got here. Anyway, im just sayin that I write in 1337 sometimes, talkin to my friends, or just screwin around.

"My teenager was shocked to find out that I could read his 'secret' language. His chin hit the floor and he nearly shrieked, "Mom! But you can't be leet." His reaction made me laugh so hard that my eyes were watering!"

LMAO thats funny. If my mom did that I would have a nice long talk with her about what everything meant... explaining everything very carefully and... comepletly wrong.

But sometimes I get bored and just butcher text so bad i cant even read it when im done and its wierd because... other people can o.O lol


- _\`|-,/8D()\/||\/


Leet?.. is that what they call it now? By the time people learn this style.. another one will already be in its place.

Tom Steele

you okay and thunderbird right sara. and i will paypal five quatloos(?) to the first person who can translate this.


this is for teens 21 and under

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