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Well, Keanu's acting is as wooden as the movie is long, but I still loved it! Three cheers for Constantine! I'll write a proper review soon, but for now, you can totally ignore the Oscar noms and still have a...

Jan 27, 2005: Colorography
I made that term up, but it's a decent way to describe this awesomely fun Flickr project!

Jan 24, 2005: The Daily Grind
It's official... robots need vacations, too. (via Screenhead)

Jan 22, 2005: It's Crap, But at Least There's Lots of It
So it turns out I'm not the only one who hates Ikea. Maybe it's sort of like witnessing enthusiasm for McDonald's in Zurich. Then again, no doubt in my mind the Aussies are snickering at my pink Uggs.

Jan 16, 2005: The Golden Globes... Live at sarah.word.
8:03 pm- Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture- Clive Owen? CLIVE OWEN? Ok people, this is a crappy way to start the show. You're telling me Clive in "Closer" beats Thomas Hayden Church in "Sideways"? Did the Hollywood Foreign...

Jan 14, 2005: Gravity Tricks
Something funny happens when corporate logos are separated from their pillars of stability. I believe this is also a good time to once again thank Adobe Systems for enriching our lives. Link from digg.com. *For those of you who accidentally...

Jan 9, 2005: Not so del.icio.us
UPDATE: Thanks to comments from my wonderful readers, I've discovered two more ultra-creepy food sites here and here too. You're not complete until you've read them. ---------------------------- Take a gander at some incredibly frightening food mutations, and then run for...

Jan 9, 2005: Good News for People Who Love Bad News
Wondering how online habits will evolve in the next decade? Here's a thought-provoking spin: EPIC 2014 Thanks to Alex Killby for the link! UPDATE- Yes, my better half posted this link back in December. Who knew you were all such...

Jan 5, 2005: Because You're Worth It
Quick! Transform your tired old Windows XP theme into the updated Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and amaze your peers, far and wide! Or at least just feel fresh, like you got your roots done.

Jan 5, 2005: Fun for Lazy Spellers... This Means You
Want a new tool to help you spell your online rants correctly? Here's an online auto-suggesting dictionary that I found at ResearchBuzz.org. Search a regular dictionary, or keep your queries technical using the Free Online Dictionary of Computing (FODOC).

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