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What do you think about Playboy? Is it lewd? Tame? A big deal? So not a big deal? Are the girls that pose for Playboy hot mamas, or wannabes? Tasteful or trashy? Perhaps more importantly, can you guess why I'm...

Oct 23, 2003: The Lomo and other short stories
I'm obsessed with taking pictures. I know you already know this if you peruse my sarah.pic moblog, but the photo thing has reached new heights with the addition of the Lomo cam. Want to see a bunch of cool, wannabe-artsy...

Oct 13, 2003: all birthdayed out
So yesterday was my 27th birthday. I got a bunch of emails wishing me a happy 30th birthday, sent by those apparently thrown off by the overly realistic fake ID in my previous entry. Boy, nothing gets past you guys,...

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