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August 12, 2006



The time zone you guys are in is a good one. You seem to be updating the same time I get online. Like I said before, one of my friends was in Beijing for a week, he wanted to stay longer too. It seems you guys were high rollers in China, dropping fives and tens down like nothing. I'm amazed things were so cheap. I think I'd fit in with the whole "White Skin" thing in china. I swear, ever since I got to Texas the sun is trying to kill me. That dog Max, he looks just like my aunts dog, only alot smaller. You'd never believe his name is Max too, but he's as dumb as a box of rocks. Tell Brendan to lay off those testicles, they can't be good for him. Can't wait to hear about Ho Chi Minh City, keep us posted.


Mutton chop

Sheeps Testicles huh? well got to get the protien someplace ;) Yeah it's funny the more you drink (Alcohol) the more those testicles look pretty dang good huh..

Lee Bennett

Hah - never thought of you as a "toodles" person. Cute.


I want to see a good picture of your Chinese haircut! :c)


Great pics...bad testicles...


First off, I love the non-sequitur pic of Brendan pointing and the Tigerlooking statue (I have no idea what they are called). I seriously lolol when I saw that. Secondly, was that guy cooking kebabs with a hair dryer?

Neil B.

Wow, you guys make me miss China. I went on a 15 day tour of China back in March. And I plan to go again in a couple of years. If guys ever go back you should visit Xian and check out the Museum of Qin Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses.
"Gan bai!"


It looks like Brandon shaved his head? Was that him holding the cup at the door?

Also what did you guys DO? The Chinese have just banned the Simpsons!!

Starr-Maiden Marie

Man its so awesome that everything is so cheap there. It seems like you guys are having an awesome time. For the record you ARE lucky that you got to see the great wall, it must have been surreal.


I have been following your travels around the world and I wanted to let you know that most of the pictures are great! Except for the 12 Vodka & Red bulls LOL. Thanks for keeping me updated on what you are doing, I have been watching you since the old screen saver days! Take care and have fun with more pictures!


Great pictures. China seems like a friendly place...


i think you short hair looks cute!!

the only thing that could go wrong with my compliment is if you are far too mature to be cute...

god i hope not

Dawn Hanson

I have been growing my hair out from being short for the last 2 yrs; you have my sympathy-I hope he didn't cut in layers..ugh.
I am a long-time fan (TSS-Leo & Kate)I hope that when you complete your travels you will continue in a venue that we can be part of. I am really enjoying your adventures; the pictures are great...and yes I am reading Brandon's posts too, having the 2 perspectives of your experiences is really interesting and at times very funny...he is the typical guy (& I mean that in the nicest way). You all should consider publishing a book on your travels.
Wish I was there....Best!


Ahh... Those pictures reminds mind me of my fun visit to China.


Sounds like I may have to get a hold of that Tony character if I ever decide to go to Beijing. Sounds like he knows how to show his guests a good time.


It seems you guys are having the time of your lives. That is fantastic and you both deserve the best. Keep enjoying life to the fullest!
=== Proud audience member of the final live and the final taped SF based TSS episodes.


Wow...China looks absolutely amazing. In my opinion it looks like the most beautiful country you've visited. I think it's because of the enormous scale of the buildings and the Great Wall contrasted with the expansive scenery. I look forward to reading Brendan's take on the country.

On a side note, do you two plan on returning to AOTS? Perhaps you can bring the show's downward spiral back from oblivion--Olivia, Zach, and that British chick are completely unworthy replacements (then again, no one can replace the irreplaceable).

Anyway, your blog[s?] more than make up for AOTS' disappointment. The photos are amazing and the podcasts are

Thanks so much, and keep up the great work! :)


Hey Sarah,
Regarding the use of umbrellas and light skin, it's probably like Japan. Dark skin equates to a lower class of society. The dark skinned asians were the field workers. The paupers of society. The lighter the skin, the more well to do you were perceived in society...

Crazy huh?


China looks fun but Sarah is ugly. Why waste time with her when you could do way better.


I just found the blog entry! Thanks for the rave review of my B&B ... you guys were the best guests who have stayed here so far. If you make it back to Beijing, stop by again.

p.s. - I have Brendan's flipflops ... so comfy...


Hi Sarah,

Here about the Dragon Fruit:

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