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August 25, 2006



I think I would have been interested by that Vietnam war museum. My step-father was in Vietnam and has recently become ill. They say it was from the effects of the Agent Orange.

Also, my college is offereing a trip to Vietnam over Christmas vacation. After seeing your pictures, I'm seriously thinking about going!


Hey Sarah, that war museum looked very interesting. We rarely get to see the other side of the wars we fight in the good old U.S.of.A. If we did, then maybe we'd think twice before "spreading democracy." OK, political statement over. Have fun in Laos!


Yeah those Pics of Viet Nam bring me back to 1968 all over again! Waiting to ship out. The Music overheard was "The lion sleeps tonight"(The Tokens) was refrence to the Viet cong. The Enemy!!
The thing is, the government denied the agent orange thing existed for so long!! Agent ornge is a folage stunting agent with grave side effects!! ahhh well Nice pics Sara. Have fun on your viet Nam leg of your trip :o)


Looks good, but I can't see the photo gallleries, all I get is russia...

The inline photos are nice, but it's be nice to browse through them. I guess trying to do Tech-repairs while in Thailand is not top of the list of activities ;)

I'm so happy that you guys decided to do this. I'll have to wait about 10 years before I can look at major traveling now...


I love the picture of the old man lamp. I wonder where I could find one of those?The boat ride you went on would have scared me to death the water looks like there might be crocs in the water plus I'm very scared of boats. I was in a boating accident one time a few years back I thought I was truly going to die on the Tennessee river.


I was starting to wonder when you two were going to update. I bet everyone in Saigon knew you guys were coming, that's why the traffic was so bad. :D
I never realized how much there was to see in Vietnam. I've watched a few documentaries, but their always about the war. I guess I'll have to go their one day for myself and find out.
I learned about those waterways, and how people set up shops on boats. I always thought that would be hard to do. It must be strange being in a city like that.
Remember the G4 Forums, not some of the best people in there. Although we've kept most of the crazies out of the Moran's Fan Thread. Perhaps one day if your board you could drop us a post.
Anyway, can't wait to hear about the beach.



suddenly I get what will very likely happen to me if iran will finish obtaining nukes.

quotes of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad:

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"The West claims that more than six million Jews were killed in World War II and to compensate for that they established and support Israel."

(source: )


Of all the names on your itinerary, Vietnam had me the most worried for you. I guess my year-long visit there circa 1968 slightly-colored my opinion of that country as a travel-destination. As someone who even dreads just going out to the local grocery store, I can't begin to express just how proud I am of you two--out there adventuring-around and such, with big smiley-faces on all of your words and pictures. I do thank you for taking me along to places that I would too-be afraid to travel to, or travel back to, in this lifetime. By the way, I kinda' chuckled at your description of the traffic in Saigon. Judging by your photos, it's actually substantially tamed-down in the 40 years since my last visit. Thanks so much for sharing your Vietnam experience--it really warmed my heart. Also, my thanks to B for the sarcastic, midwest-male perspective... and take care, you guys...


I grew up in Saigon and have also visited Nha Trang; migrated to Canada when I was 14 but tried every chance I can to go back and visit my folks; there's no other place like home.

sarah, great write-up about vn; you're hilarious! and great pictures btw; thanks.

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