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June 21, 2006



I feel like a broken record, but I really love your posts and all the fabulous pictures you've taken. But I must cry and cry loudly -- BRING BACK THE CURLS! :) Aww, that literally broke my heart to see curls, agonizing look on Brendan's face and then... a world without curls! :)


O no Brendan's curls are gone what is this world coming to.


Ah, you made Brendan look like my grandpa with that hair cut, but I suppose It does help keep him cool. Will you be shaving your head next, I doubt it, but the going dark thing isn't such a bad idea, atleast you'll fit in with the majority. No cats this time? You always have to know where your cats are, and where you towel is. You enjoy the scenery and I'll enjoy the pictures, just as long as you keep taking them. Have fun.



Hair looks good!! keep the look!!


I must say that I am quite impressed with how you guys are going about your world travels. As someone who would like to take a honeymoon like that when and if I get married, it's nice to see how two people can be generous enough to share it with the world. Best of luck you guys, have a safe trip, and still miss you on the tube.


I just have to say....I think the both of you are great. I feel like I am standing next to you. I will follow you this next 11 months. Have a great time and be safe.


Wow, that couple you met is so odd matched. That guy is at the most a 5.5 and that chick is like a 7.5. So was that guy like rich or something?

Anthony Thomas

Don't eat the Monkey

Charles R McClellan

I miss you two on tv but this the one and only blog i look forward to. Your posts are so well written and the photos just bring it all to life.

And Brendan does seem abit off with out the curls. But anyway awesome stuff keep it up!


The scenary is gorgeous! Like one of the above posters said you pictures bring everything to life. Enjoy! I know I am reading about your experiences =)

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